Last-minute Halloween costumes you can make with things you probably already own

With the spookiest day of the year approaching, Americans are expected to go all out when it comes to costumes, with a report from the National Retail Federation estimating $3.6bn will be spent on Halloween outfits this year.

However, with the 31st of October falling on a Monday, it means that there’s a whole weekend of celebrating ahead of us, and potentially, the need for multiple costumes.

If you don’t want to spend money on a costume you’ll likely only wear once, or if you’ve simply run out of time before the weekend’s festivities begin, the good news is there are a number of last-minute costumes you can make with things you probably already have at home.

From a classic skeleton to Ted Lasso from Ted Lasso, these are some of the Halloween costumes you can create with the clothes you already own.


To successfully create a skeleton costume at home, you’ll need to start with an all-black outfit, which you’ll definitely find in your closet somewhere.

From there, it gets slightly more difficult, however, as the rest of the costume will rely on makeup application to create the appearance of bones.

Fortunately, there are countless tutorials on how to do so successfully, and easily, with the look possible using just black eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow.

Ted Lasso

If you’ve found yourself without a Halloween costume, you can also look to your favourite TV characters for inspiration, as chances are you’ll be able to replicate their clothes quite easily if it’s your run-of-the-mill comedy or drama.

For example, if you choose to go as American football coach turned soccer coach Ted Lasso, all you’ll really need is a tracksuit, or a blue jacket and a pair of khakis, and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

To complete the outfit, and increase the resemblance to the fictional TV character played by Jason Sudeikis, you can write “Believe” on a piece of cardboard, or carry along a soccer ball. The costume works especially well if you already have a mustache.


If you’re looking for a spookier costume, a mummy is a good way to repurpose the old sheets the majority of us have lying around.

To create the costume, all you’ll need to do is cut a few strips of fabric - the more jagged the better - which you’ll then wrap around yourself.

As for the number of cloth strips you’ll need, that’s a matter of preference, with the costume working whether you wrap yourself entirely in white fabric or whether you artfully arrange just a few.

If you don’t want to ruin a pair of sheets, you can also use gauze or ace bandages to achieve the same effect.

Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights

Taylor Swift’s newest album has provided us with tons of easy Halloween inspiration this holiday. The easiest options would be to embrace the songs “Maroon” or “Lavender Haze” and dress in shades of purple.

If you happen to have a name tag lying around, you could also go as the song “Anti-Hero” by embracing the lyrics “It’s me, Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me” and filling in your nametag “the problem”.


swifties WILL be dressing as “Midnights” songs this halloween @Taylor Swift 🎃👻 #midnights #taylorswift #halloweencostume #swiftie

♬ Bejeweled - Taylor Swift

Swifties can also create their own take on the song “Snow On The Beach” off the new album and pair a winter jacket, gloves and a hat with a bathing suit.

Nearly any kind of animal

Similarly to a skeleton, animal costumes are easy to DIY because most of the work can be done with makeup. For example, if you are looking to a cheetah for inspiration this year, all you’ll need is brown or black eyeshadow or eyeliner to draw the animal’s iconic spots.


A quick and easy cheetah makeup tutorial for Halloween! Perfect for a last minute costume! #halloween #halloweenmakeup #cheetahmakeup #makeuptutorial

♬ Coffee for Your Head - Vinyll


The best part about a Sims Halloween costume is that it can be made from just about any outfit, just like the endless variations used by the characters in the game. However, to complete the outfit, you do need a Plumbob, the green diamonds above each Sims’ head.

Fortunately, these can be easily created with scissors and green construction paper. To keep the Plumbob in place, try gluing it to a headband.

Schitt’s Creek characters

Schitt’s Creek fans can look to the Rose family for inspiration when searching through their closets this Halloween, especially characters such as Alexa, David, or Johnny Rose. If you want to go as Alexa Rose this holiday, a floppy hat and a dress will do the trick, as will singing the lyrics from “A Little Bit Alexa”. David is also an easy character to replicate, as it can be done with a black sweater, black pants and Converse. To complete the look, you can add a ring on each finger, while a suit and a name tag will allow you to pass satisfactorily as Johnny Rose.

If your style leans more fashion-forward, or if you already have a faux-fur coat hanging in your closet, you can embrace Moira’s over-the-top style and go as the matriarch of the Rose family.

80s, or early 2000s

If you’re strapped for time this Halloween, you can also look to the past to provide costume inspiration. While you may not have leg warmers, chances are you do have leggings, which can be paired with a bodysuit and worn under athletic shorts or a skirt for an 80s-inspired workout look.

For those looking to embrace early 2000’s fashion, a graphic tee paired with a mini skirt will do the trick, as will a pair of low-rise jeans accessorised with an oversized belt.

If you have neither, you can look to Paris Hilton and any of her iconic outfits from the early 2000’s era of fashion for inspiration.

Sandy from Grease

With leather pants as trendy as they are, chances are you have a pair hanging in your closet, which means you’re already halfway done creating Sandy’s iconic Grease outfit.


DAY 6 of 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Sandy from Grease #halloweencostumes #sandygrease

♬ original sound - MJ

To complete the look, you’ll need a black top, preferably off the shoulder, which you will tuck into the pants, a belt, and a red lip.