This clever cushion will keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer

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How to keep fruit and veg fresher longer
Keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer with this affordable gadget, which only costs £6.99. (Getty Images)

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With inflation having made our weekly food shop receipt sky-rocket we're all looking for small ways we can make our money stretch further, whether that's buying household staples in bulk or helping our fridge produce stay fresher for longer.

If you've been seeing your bananas go brown or lettuce go limp prematurely, your fridge may benefit from a Fruit and Vegetable Cushion.

Why we rate it

The Fruit and Vegetable Cushion from Lakeland is simple and easy to use, all you have to do is place it in the salad drawer in your fridge for your fruit and vegetables to sit on (it can be cut to size to fit all spaces).

The cushion is made up of a porous, textured polyester that enables the air to circulate around the items. This helps keeps your produce cool so it prevents 'sweating', which causes food to go off more quickly.

If you prefer to keep your bananas and apples out of the fridge, the cushion can also be used to line a fruit bowl too. The soft lining also helps to prevent bruising, so hopefully that will mean less dented apples or soft celery ends up in the bin.

The porous bed allows air circulation, allowing your fruit and veg to stay fresher for longer.
The porous bed allows air circulation, allowing your fruit and veg to stay fresher for longer. (Lakeland)

£6.99 at Lakeland

£6.99 at Amazon

The cushion won’t affect the taste or smell of your fresh food and can be hand washed up to 30°C. It's recommended you wash it before the first use too.

Plus it's super-affordable, retailing for just £6.99 from Lakeland (or Amazon if you want speedy next day delivery).

What the reviews say

The Lakeland Fruit and Vegetable Cushion has 50 five-star reviews and has received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here's what shoppers have to say:

  • "A simple solution to extend life of items in the salad drawer. Lovely and fresh green colour too."

  • "I have been meaning to buy this for years and never managed it. The moisture collects in the bottom of the salad drawers and makes the fruit and veg rot. Does the job, keeps things fresh longer."

  • "When I first tried this, I was not really expecting much difference to the life of my vegetables in the fridge. But, now this has become a favourite of mine as I was pleasantly surprised just how long it kept my vegetables so much fresher for longer. A good buy that's easy to slip into your salad container of the fridge."

  • "I used to have a problem with my veg freezing or frosting in the salad drawer...This magic little cushion seems to somehow prevent that from happening. Of course it saves fruit and veg from getting bruised also."

  • "I noticed the difference immediately in my salad drawer so was very pleased to order it online as soon as it was back in stock."

Buy it: Lakeland Fruit and Vegetable Cushion | £6.99 from Lakeland

Lakeland Fruit and Vegetable Cushion (Lakeland)
Lakeland Fruit and Vegetable Cushion (Lakeland)

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