Labradoodle learns magic thanks to owner’s love of Harry Potter

Labradoodle learns magic thanks to owner’s love of Harry Potter

One dog has recently been accepted into Dogwarts.

Audriana Li made a TikTok to share the rare tricks her dog has learned, which are all of his basic commands like “drop it” and “sit” using only spells from Harry Potter. Her love for the wizarding franchise has run so deep that she even named her labradoodle after one of the characters from the book, a house elf named Dobby.

“I taught my dog 15 Harry Potter spells,” text across the screen reads as Li films Dobby executing all of them.

For example, the wizards in the book and movie series say “expelliarmus” to make their opponent drop whatever they are holding, and when Dobby the lab hears this command he drops his toy.

Li also uses the command “go to Azkaban” which is the name of the wizarding world’s prison to tell Dobby to go into his crate.

Other commands include “avada kedavra” for “play dead” as well as “accio” for come and “aguamenti” for drink water.

Next was “wingardium leviosa” for jump up and “protego” to get Dobby to tuck himself under her legs.

“Relashio” caused Dobby to back up out of the way with “stupefy” used to mean lay down.

But the themed commands did not stop there.

Li used “immobolus” to mean stay, “duro” for head down and “ascendio” for go up the stairs.

The spell list was rounded off with “confundus” for spin and “glisseo” as a command to jump over.

“So if Dobby responds to Harry Potter spells, does that make him a wizard? Or does that make me a witch casting spells on my muggle dog?” the TikToker questioned in the video’s caption.

“I knew long before Dobby came along that I would train my future dog with Harry Potter spells instead of regular commands. I love feeling like I have real life magical powers every time I ask him to come, stay, or play dead.”

The dog owner even added some fun facts about her spells and how certain commands ended up in the specific way that they did.

Accio (come / recall) was the first spell Dobby learned at 11 weeks old she explained in the caption and while she tried to make “protego” the command for leave it, she kept saying the phrase “leave it” on accident and had to change it to mean “tuck.”

“We tried Petrificus Totalus for stay, but it was too much of a mouthful for a command that’s used frequently, so we opted for Immobulus instead (we’re now working on Petrificus Totalus for “sit pretty”)” the caption read.

After the video was viewed over four million times, many people took to the comments section to praise how unique the training method is.

One person wrote: “Girl, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” and Li replied: “Thank you. We have fun with our training.”

“YOUR DOG IS THE SMARTEST DOG EVER!” another commenter praised Dobby for his learning abilities. “And I have five very well behaved lol but they’re muggles.”

“Omg having children who like Harry Potter with that dog,” a third commenter wrote. “They can get a wand and play with him for hours (well I could play with him for hours).”