Labour Party calls report that Jeremy Corbyn ready to stand down ‘complete and utter nonsense’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Picture: PA)

The Labour Party has said a report that Jeremy Corbyn wants to stand down as leader is “complete and utter nonsense”.

The party’s response followed a report by the Evening Standard saying Mr Corbyn was ready to quit.

The newspaper’s diary section, The Londoner, said Mr Corbyn would like to step down as leader of the party.

It claimed sources had said the 69-year-old was ready to hand over the reins of the leadership.

The Standard said another shadow cabinet member told it: “Corbyn is ready to step down. He wants to step down.”

It quoted one member of the shadow cabinet as saying: “He’s tired and fed up.”

But a Labour spokeswoman dismissed the report.

She said: “The fact that it’s been put in the diary section probably reflects its shoddy sourcing.

“It’s complete and utter nonsense.”

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Mr Corbyn is currently fighting on two fronts – against the Conservatives’ plans for Brexit and against the allegations of anti-Semitism within his own party.

But another Labour source told the Standard: “Somebody has been eating too much cheese, or something harder.

Labour has dismissed a report that Mr Corbyn wants to stand down (Picture: PA)

“His diary is packed full. He does a lot more late nights than early mornings: meetings, engagements, receptions. He’ll be at the Kebab Awards tonight.”

The source described Mr Corbyn as “the person that walks up the stairs instead of taking the lift”.

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