Labour MP holds baby while making a speech in parliament

It's not the first time little Hettie has made an appearance. (Getty Images)
It's not the first time little Hettie has made an appearance. (Getty Images)

Labour MP, Stella Creasy, held her six-month old baby in parliament today as she quizzed ministers on access to abortion in Northern Ireland.

It’s not the first time her baby girl, Hettie, has graced the House of Commons.

When Creasy was re-elected in December and when she was sworn into the commons Hettie joined her.

The 43-year-old has been very vocal about campaigning for the rights of mums in parliament in the past.

“When I told the kid today we would have an adventure am not sure standing up for women’s rights in parliament is quite what she had in mind,” Creasy wrote on Instagram.

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On 2 June, the Labour MP explained why she would have to bring her baby into parliament in a Twitter post: “From next week if this doesn’t change will have to do this with a six month old baby in tow because Jacob Rees Mogg believes this is somehow what the public want. Apologies now to my colleagues for the noise and tears likely from us both...”

The tweet was in response to a photo that another Labour MP, Liz Kendall tweeted.

Creasy was in parliament to ask what the government will do if the Northern Ireland Assembly “continues to say they will not commission” abortion services.

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When Creasy returned from parliament, she posted a photo of herself and her daughter and made a quip about her hair due to the coronavirus restrictions.

“Without the hybrid parliament, speaking up for equal human rights for all UK women means taking Hettie with me into the chamber to keep chasing progress on abortion rights. Without hairdressers it means only one of us is on point,” she said.

The mum shared an update on Twitter which all new mums will relate to: “So all my careful timing to make sure baby asleep during urgent question went well then...hoping she doesn’t do anything unparliamentary.”

One person questioned Creasy on the safety of taking her daughter into parliament during the coronavirus pandemic: “I'm all for a baby in parliament, just not sure about the current context. Stay safe.”

In response, Creasy said: “Maybe have a word with Jacob Rees Mogg then as he’s left me with no other option.”