Kylie Jenner's XXL grey hair is anything but ageing

kylie jenner grey hair
Kylie Jenner looks so bomb with XL grey hairTheo Wargo - Getty Images

Grey hair has often been maligned, particularly when it’s seen on women, as a prominent, physical and universal sign of ageing. But as we move towards celebrating more expansive beauty ideals, we’re also embracing the power of silver. Kylie Jenner being one, too!

After donning a fiery red Jean Paul Gaultier gown at the recent 2023 Met Gala, King Kylie, beauty mogul and entrepreneur extraordinaire is back fronting the brand's latest campaign collection dubbed 'Flowers'.

The pics for the fashion house's latest ready-to-wear drop arrived on our social media feeds over the weekend and to say they had us stunned would be a wild understatement. Just take a look at Ky's transformative makeover below:

Peep the classic Gaultier naked dress design, too *insert side eye emoji, here*. Although fully clothed (read: it's all an illusion), the clever body-contouring shadows that have been strategically printed onto the fabric trick the eye into thinking the model is naked.

But I digress, for what contributes to Kylie's pretty unrecognisable transformation is her locks. After all, the fashion house is known for its experimental beauty looks to match its future facing fashion aesthetic.

As shown, the Gaultier ambassador has been styled in an extra long, hip-skimming grey wig by her go-to hairstylist, Jesus Guerrero.

The silver-esque tone along with the natural-looking blended shadow roots is very of the time, not to mention her – also very on-trend – bleach 'brows. It's giving dystopian fantasy-meets-mermaidcore and we're so here for it.

Now, I just need to figure out how can one make a last-minute hair dye appointment on a bank holiday Monday. Asking for a friend, ofc...

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