Kylie Jenner praised for showing leg scar on cover of GQ

Sabrina Barr

The prevalence of airbrushing on the covers of magazines is a topic that’s been heavily debated for years, as it’s believed to promote unrealistic and harmful beauty ideals.

The most recent issue of GQfeatures Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott embracing on the cover, with a scar on Jenner’s outer left thigh prominently on show.

A number of people have praised the publication and 20-year-old for not editing the scar out of the image, as this challenges the stigma that scars should be concealed.

Jenner sustained her scar when she was five years old while playing with her older sister, 22-year-old Kendall.

In 2011, Jenner told Celebuzzduring a fan Q&A that the accident had taken place during an outdoor game of hide and seek.

After hiding inside an enclosed gate, Jenner had then tried to climb a sharp pole that was sticking out from the gate.

However, she slipped, which resulted in the pole going into her leg.

Photographed by Paola Kudacki (GQ)

Kylie has posted photos online with her leg scar visible on several occasions, but many feel that its prominence on the cover of a globally recognised magazine is especially significant.

“I don’t really care about GQ, or Kylie Jenner, or Travis Scott,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I am happy to see a scar so prominently on display (not even minimised with airbrushing).

“It’s one scar. No sad story. It’s a big step forward for those of us with many #scars who only see perfect skin on others.”

Another person wrote: “Thank you for NOT covering her scar.

“Too many people want to do that and it’s part of who she is and she accepts it and has talked about it before.”

In April this year, a selection of women were involved in a campaign for Love Disfigure, an initiative which aims to raise awareness and provide support to those suffering from insecurities as a result of disfigurements.

The group included burn survivor Sylvia Mac who created the campaign, psoriasis sufferer Ahila Jegerajan and Chloe Rose, who has scars from when she used to self-harm.

The women appeared on This Morning to take part in a swimsuit show to show off their scars and encourage others to embrace theirs.

Ms Jegerajan said that the campaign was helping her to start “living the life I want to lead."