Who is Kylie Jenner dating? Explore her and Travis Scott's relationship timeline

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to the spotlight, so it should come as no surprise that everyone wants to know just who she is dating.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been in a relationship with rapper Travis Scott for several years, and after making it through a difficult time in 2019 the couple have just welcomed their second child and appear happier than ever, as the beautiful video below goes to show.

WATCH: Kylie and Travis' emotional baby number two announcement video

Who is Kylie Jenner currently in a relationship with?

The A-list media personality is currently dating singer-songwriter and rap artist Travis Scott. The couple have been together for around five years and have got through some difficult times together.

In particular, Travis has faced public scrutiny in recent years following the deaths of ten people in a crowd crush at Astroworld Festival, the music festival he founded, in November 2021. The tragic incident led to a police investigation and to numerous lawsuits being filed against the event.

Travis Scott performing on stage
Travis Scott performing on stage

Travis performing at a separate event in 2022

Shortly after the festival, Kylie, who had been at the show with her and Travis' then three-year-old daughter Stormi, took to Instagram to share her and her partner's heartache at the situation.

"Travis and I are broken and devastated," she began. "My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives, were injured or affected in anyway by yesterday's events. And also for Travis who I know cares deeply for his fans at the Houston community."

A black and white photo of Kylie and Travis holding hands
A black and white photo of Kylie and Travis holding hands

The couple supported each other through tragedy

Clearing up reports, she continued: "I want to make it clear we weren't aware of any fatalities until the news came out after the show and in no world would have continued filming or performing.

"I am sending my deepest condolences to all the families during this difficult time and will be praying for the healing of everyone who has been impacted."

Following the event both the reality TV star and her boyfriend largely kept a low profile on social media for a few weeks.

When did Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott meet?

Kylie and Travis met in April 2017 at Coachella. Perhaps surprisingly for an otherwise very public facing family such as Kylie's, information exploring just how the two first met at the event and what led to them deciding to start dating was for a while very scarce.

However, during a 2018 joint interview with GQ the two stars finally opened up about how their relationship began.

Kylie and her sister Kendall at a party
Kylie and her sister Kendall at a party

Kylie with her sister Kendall in January 2017

"Coachella was one of the stops on his tour,” Kylie told the magazine. "So he said, 'I'm going back on tour—what do we want to do about this?' Because we obviously liked each other."

She continued: "And I was like, "I guess I'm going with you'"

Following this uber-romantic sounding hook-up, the couple were spotted besotted with each other at various events and on their social media. The singer and businesswoman later revealed on Snapchat that they'd got matching tattoos in June 2017.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on a date
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on a date

The couple were noticed hanging out a lot in 2017

Less than a year later, the pair became parents for the first time in February 2018.

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott married?

No, the couple are not currently married. The A-listers seem content remaining happily together as simply boyfriend and girlfriend for the moment.

In 2019 the couple split up, but remained close. Talking to Harper's Bazaar in March 2020, Kylie explained how she looked to her parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner's parenting example for inspiration with how she and Travis should take care of Stormi, despite their split.

"[Travis and I] both love Stormi and want what’s best for her", she began. "We stay connected and coordinated.

Kylie, Travis and Stormi on the red carpet
Kylie, Travis and Stormi on the red carpet

Travis and Kylie on the red carpet with their daughter Stormi in 2019

"I think about [my parents], in situations with Stormi, what they would do. They were very hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi".

Following this principle, during the Covid-19 pandemic the romantically estranged couple chose to quarantine together so that they could both be with their daughter Stormi. And in a delightful twist for fans of the pair, lockdown led to the two relighting their spark.

In 2021, Travis and Kylie began to appear at events as a couple again, confirming reports that they had got back together. The couple have since delighted fans by documenting their many glamourous dates and days out with each other on social media, such as when they visited London last August.

Do Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have children?

Yes, the famous pair share two children together: four-year-old daughter Stormi, and soon to be one-year-old son Aire. The couple only recently revealed the name of their son after taking almost a year to decide on it.

Back in early 2022 Kylie announced their second baby's name was Wolf, but she revealed that the duo went back on this choice soon after.

Kylie and Travis kiss on the red carpet
Kylie and Travis kiss on the red carpet

The happily reconciled pair announced news of their second child in 2021

"FYI Our son's name is not Wolf anymore," the makeup mogul posted on Instagram. "We just really didn't feel like it was him", she continued.

"Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere."

Speaking in episode two of their Hulu show The Kardashians, Kylie revealed that Aire's legal name was originally Wolf, and that even by September 2022: "It hasn't been changed legally yet.

"Travis still changes it a few times, and he will call [him that name] for the day," she continued.

Explaining how her and Travis' son's name came to be Wolf but didn't stick, the beauty star said: "I thought [the name] would just come to us when we saw him and it didn't, and 24 hours before we had to register him Khloe said, 'What about Wolf?' and I liked the 'W W' so we just put Wolf Webster in the moment and right after I signed the birth certificate I thought, 'What did I just do?'"

Kylie Jenner takes a mirror selfie with her son Aire in arm
Kylie Jenner takes a mirror selfie with her son Aire in arm

Kylie with their son Aire

Kylie wasn't too concerned about the delay in naming their child, adding: "It is part of his story."

Finally, however, a few weeks before their first son's birthday, Kylie took to Instagram in January 2023 to reveal his new name: Aire.

While Kylie's announcement was low key, positing just the caption 'Aire' on her Instagram story, her mother Kris was quick to offer her support. "I love you Aire Webster," commented the proud grandmother.

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