Kylie Jenner captures the magic of Stormi's fifth birthday with adorable photos

Kylie Jenner pulled out all the stops to celebrate her daughter Stormi Webster's fifth birthday on Wednesday.

To welcome Stormi's friends, Kylie set up a large inflatable grey tunnel in the shape of Stormi's head, based on the cover art of her father Travis Scott's album Astroworld, which guests had to pass through to enter the party.

The social media star also decorated the party with an abundance of colourful balloons, which were arranged into a series of arches on the opposite side of the inflatable tunnel.

To mark the occasion on Instagram, Kylie shared several new photos of Stormi, including one where she appeared stylish in a leather jacket and large pink headphones. Another image captured Stormi blowing a kiss while holding a Gucci handbag, and a third showed her dressed as an angel.

"i gave you the gift of life and life gave me the gift of you," Kylie wrote in the caption of the birthday tribute. "the most special girl. this little face. i will miss it as it keeps changing."

She added, "5 years of loving you and forever more to go. i will always be there for you for storm girl."

In addition to Stormi, Kylie and Travis also have a son named Aire, who celebrates his first birthday on Thursday.

According to reports published in January, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul and rapper have split up again.