Krispy Kreme's Latest Donut Menu Is Dolly Parton-Themed

Dolly Parton smiling in close-up
Dolly Parton smiling in close-up - Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Throughout her legendary career as a country singer, Dolly Parton has also made a mark on the culinary world. Parton collaborated with Duncan Hines on a line of cake mixes, has a $230 apple pie at Dollywood theme park, and will release a new cookbook filled with classic American recipes, "Good Lookin' Cookin'," later this year. Now, Parton has a first-ever partnership with Krispy Kreme in the new "Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection," per a press release.

In this collection, four all-new donuts reflect Parton's favorite sweet Southern flavors. The "Dolly Dazzler Doughnut" is an original glazed with strawberry icing and a signature Dolly butterfly chocolate piece. "Banana Puddin' Pie" is filled with banana pudding Kreme and wafers, all decorated in yellow icing. You can't have Southern desserts without peach, so "Peach Keen Cobbler Doughnut" channels cobbler with a real fruit filling and a crumbly topping. Last is the "Chocolate Crème Pie" glazed donut adorned with brownie cream, whipped topping, and cookie crumbles. Parton told Krispy Kreme, "Having some of my very favorite Southern flavors in one, unique donut collection from Krispy Kreme is so special to me."

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The Dolly Parton Donuts Are Limited-Time Only

Frosted donuts of different flavors
Frosted donuts of different flavors - Krispy Kreme

Peach cobbler, banana pudding pie, and chocolate cream pie are classic Southern comfort foods, and putting them in donut form creates exciting desserts that likely appeal to a wide range of foodies. Fans of Dolly Parton and Krispy Kreme alike can get their hands on a custom "Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection" box of a dozen now in Krispy Kreme stores. Alternatively, they can look for a box of six at select grocery stores, like at some Ralph's, where Krispy Kreme delivers fresh donuts daily.

Customers who stop into Krispy Kreme stores also have an opportunity to receive a free original glazed donut on Saturday, May 18. With their sweet smell and melt-in-your-mouth texture, Krispy Kreme donuts are widely recognized as delicious, and there are plenty of lengths people would go to for a free one. All customers have to do is go to a store on May 18 all "Dolly'd Up" in a Parton costume or their favorite Parton merch. Those without the clothes for it can opt to sing their favorite Parton song in-store instead -- a slightly more embarrassing but arguably easier method.

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