Krispy Kreme Launches New Coffee Line With An Enticing Free Donut Deal

krispy kreme storefront
krispy kreme storefront - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Krispy Kreme, the chain famous for its glazed yeast donuts, is going all-in on coffee. The company has announced the rollout of an "all-new, improved line" of its over two dozen frozen, iced, and hot coffee beverages. The brand is emphasizing such developments as "smoother blends, richer roasts [and] better beans," as well as the inclusion of oat milk as a non-dairy drink customization option. No new beverages have been added to the menu, but Krispy Kreme is offering this deal to ensure customers head in to sample how its coffee has leveled up.

The announcement of Krispy Kreme's improved coffee menu is also temporarily attached to a pretty sweet deal: between September 14 and 17, every customer who buys a new coffee beverage (of any temperature) is entitled to a free donut of their choice. This offer is available to in-store, drive-through, and online customers. If you're in the latter group, just be sure to pop in the offer code SWEETDUO when making your purchase.

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Trying To Catch A (Coffee) Buzz

dozen glazed donuts
dozen glazed donuts - Pong Stocker/Shutterstock

This is the latest development in Krispy Kreme's commitment to becoming a better-known beverage entity since being acquired in 2016 by the JAB Holding Company, which also owns the Peet's, Caribou, and Keurig coffee brands. While Krispy Kreme is rightly and historically known for its fluffy original glazed donuts, it has yet to establish itself as well in the coffee segment as its closest rival, Dunkin'. Krispy Kreme's eight-year investment plan, which includes this latest improvement to its beverage menu, a growing line of tumblers and mugs, and store redesigns, is largely seen as an attempt to keep up with competitors. The chain has even jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, offering the seasonal flavor in its brewed black coffee as well as sundry hot and frozen lattes (though not in its cappuccinos, for some reason).

We should point out that this free-donut-with-a-coffee offer does have a few limitations. With apologies to Krispy Kreme fans who find themselves in Times Square or Puerto Rico, the offer is good for one redemption at any other shop in the U.S. If you want to take advantage of the deal, you only have until September 17 to get a free donut for dipping in the new roasted brews. Still, we can think of worse ways to welcome autumn!

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