Kourtney Kardashian’s six-year-old daughter wore Gucci shoes to school

Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope has a wardrobe filled with designer buys – but should she wear them to school? [Photo: Getty/Instagram]

Most British children consider themselves lucky if they score a new pair of shoes from Clarks for school, but Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope Disick returned to school after a holiday decked out in a pair of Gucci mules.

The six-year-old – Kardashian’s second child with former partner Scott Disick – was spotted wearing the footwear in a back-to-school photo that aunt Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram.

While Kim’s five-year-old daughter, North, with Kanye West was clad in a relatively affordable pair of Converse, Penelope stood out in her fur-lined, backless shoes. Not the most practical pair of footwear for a child hoping to run around the playground at lunchtime.

While we’re unable to find the exact pair of designer shoes Penelope’s wearing, an adult pair cost around the £630 mark. 

Eagle-eyed Kardashian followers spotted the expensive footwear and quickly called Kourtney out.

“When Penelope is 6 years old and is wearing $700 Gucci loafers to school,” one person wrote.

Another remarked, “Penelope and her Gucci’s just called me broke.”

The little girl was also called out for her hair, since it seemed to be back to its longer length after being cut short just two months ago.

“Is P wearing extensions? How did her hair grow so fast…” one follower questioned.

However, others quickly deciphered that the picture was likely snapped when the girls first started school at the end of the summer, because of the long locks and both of their golden tans.

Most Kardashian fans had positive things to say about the photo since both Kim and Kourtney were looking very natural.

“You Look so casual. Love it,” one wrote. Another said, “Wow an actual normal/regular photo with no filter. #ThereIsAGod.”

This is by no means the first time Penelope Disick has been spotted wearing designer gear.

The daughter of a millionaire, it’s not surprising that her wardrobe includes at least one Birkin bag, a Louis Vuitton tote and Gucci clothing. But should she wear her designer clobber to school? We’ll let you decide.