Kourtney Kardashian's moody wedding photos with Travis Barker are on-trend in 2022 – here's how to recreate them

Kourtney Kardashian, 43, may have chosen to marry Travis Barker, 47, for the third time on the sunny coast of Italy, but their wedding photographs were actually surprisingly moody.

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After their 'practice wedding' in Las Vegas and their legal ceremony in Santa Barbara, the couple and their closest friends and family jetted to Portofino, Italy for their idyllic wedding, which took place at Villa Olivetta on Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's estate and boasted stunning views of the Mediterranean.

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While many couples traditionally choose light and airy pictures to document their big day – think bright, sunny images that emphasise the bridal white gown and decorations – the reality TV star and the Blink-182 drummer opted for a very romantic, edgy style, which is reportedly becoming more popular with brides and grooms.

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Italian photographer Andrea Verenini – who coined his unique style of photography as the 'Atmospheric Chiaroscuro' – gave HELLO! his expert opinion on Kourtney and Travis' wedding photos, and revealed the secret to achieving them.

Are moody wedding photos going to be a big trend in 2022/2023?

Kourtney and Travis chose edgy, dark wedding photos

"Yes for sure," Andrea said. "Traditionally, especially in editorial weddings, we have seen that the trend was leaning towards the light and airy types of images. These are characterised by very ethereal photographs which are all about brightness. More recently, however, we are seeing that darker, more romantic images are on the rise, and this is also reflected in the types of images we are seeing in mainstream fashion editorials," he added.

And it's not just fashion editorials – the fact that the likes of Kourtney and Travis are adopting the style proves "this style of photography is entering the mainstream."


Other snaps not taken by their wedding photographer show a less moody atmosphere

So why would you want moody wedding images? They can actually have a very striking effect, the professional photographer said.

"Darker images offer richer images. They are characterised by deeper emotions through the use of light, but equally shadows and create a mesmerising sense of mystery and romance," continued Andrea.

How do you create a rich, dark atmosphere at an outdoor wedding?


Location doesn't matter when it comes to moody wedding photos. Photo: Andrea Verenini

You might assume that you need an indoor venue with little natural light to create these images, but that's not the case – Kourtney and Travis are proof! In fact, Andrea told us: "It’s not about location, it’s about the photographer’s mastery with light and their shooting style.

"Personally, as someone who is spearheading Cinematic Chiaroscuro photography, I find myself shooting in all types of locations and light. Although some conditions are more challenging than others, they are all workable."

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But it's important not to underestimate the importance of light – arguably one of the most important parts of a photographer's toolkit, even when it comes to darker images.


The bride also wore a black dress for her wedding celebrations

"Light is the foundation of photography. Ironically, the darker styles of photography require an elevated mastery of light, despite the heavy use of shadows. Light is how we create emotion and it is important to know how to utilise available light to craft an unforgettable image which doesn’t fade in time," said Andrea.

Can all photographers create edgy photos like Kourtney Kardashian's?

In short, no. It's important to do your research when it comes to your wedding photographer if you want your dream pictures, no matter what style you choose.

"Style is fundamental," Andrea explained. "You should always choose a photographer because of their style. It’s like in art. Everyone has their expertise and style and that is what makes each photographer unique."


Darker images can portray deeper emotions. Photo: Andrea Verenini

When asked specifically how edgy photos are achieved, he joked: "Ah! The million-dollar question." Luckily for us, he did share his secrets so you can copy The Kardashians star's atmospheric snaps.

"For me personally, the way I work is by moulding the light to match the emotions of the moment on camera while I am shooting, and then there is the post-production phase where I take the raw images captured on camera and refine them through digital processing. This method allows me to create my own unique style," he said.

So even if Kourtney's gothic black bridal dress or red flowers aren't part of your wedding wishlist, she's given brides something to think about regarding photography options.

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