Kourtney Kardashian switches up her hair length with lob extensions, and it looks so natural

kourtney kardashian hair extensions
Kourtney's lob hair extensions look so naturalArturo Holmes - Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian has us stumped. She's the only Kar-Jenner sister to consistently wear her hair short these last few years and we've gotten very used to the trademark sharp bob she's been donning since cutting her long tresses off back in 2021. Yes, it varies up or down an inch or so in length as it grows and gets snipped, but that's standard with hair this short.

Exhibit A: let us rewind back to the initial cut (below) that Kourtney has kept around this length ever since:

But in carousel snaps of her latest visit to New York with husband Travis Barker, it's distinctly longer. Her bob has stretched to lob and the ends seem to have said hello to her shoulders for the first time in over a year:

Now yes, hair grows – we aren't stumped by that – but what we're trying to figure out is how just a few days before, it was as short and sharp as ever.

Exhibit B: a Christmas advert for Kourt's supplements range Lemme was posted just three days ago with her hair all its short glory. Just look at slide two:

So then we got to thinking: OK, well maybe this was shot well in advance.

But let us present you with exhibit C. Just three weeks ago, Mr and Mrs Kourtney Kardashian attended the GQ Man of the Year awards where Travis was being honoured, and well, well, well...

Kourt's bob is teeny. There's no way that grew in three weeks, right? So this lob really must be the most seamless and subtle extensions we've ever seen. Swipe to the snap in the lift and you can literally follow the hair strands top to bottom.

I don't know what to say, except – Kourt, please drop the hair genius behind this look, ASAP.

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