What to Know About Dating Virgo Men

What to Know About Dating Virgo Men

Read the below for any man with a Virgo sun or Virgo rising sign, and find even more information on Virgo compatibility here.

Need a fix? Virgo’s your man. The happy helper of the zodiac, this guy can deliver a life hack faster than Alexa, Siri, and Google rolled into one. (“Okay, Virgo…”) Ruled by data-driven Mercury, he’s wired to dispense sage advice on demand. To wit, Virgo fitspo influencer Joe “The Body Coach” Wicks broke the internet with his HIIT workouts and won a Guinness World Record for “most viewers for a fitness workout live stream on YouTube.” Then there’s Virgo rapper Wiz Khalifa, who earned the first half of his moniker as a kid who was wise beyond his years.

Virgo is the sign that rules selfless service—and his reputation does not fail in the bedroom. Now for the plot twist: He might not even want you to return the favor. Your happiness, he swears, is enough. Or is it? Virgo is the sign of the critic, the unyielding perfectionist. As eager as he is to win points with you, he’s notoriously difficult to please in return. Receptivity is not his strong suit.

In and out of the bedroom, he’s born with an astrological challenge. Being a free-flowing mutable sign and a routine-obsessed earth sign is a difficult dichotomy to navigate. This push-pull spins up intense anxiety, the kind that can lead to self-medicating. (Wiz Khalifa’s titled his album Rolling Papers for several reasons…) To avoid adopting a potentially destructive habit, Virgo vigilantly controls his environment and input channels. The practical magic you depend on him to provide? It’s doing double duty as a coping strategy to prevent him from spiraling out.

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Don’t take it personally if he politely declines your offer to cook dinner or fold his laundry. (Yes, despite the fact that he deep cleaned your kitchen while you were away for the weekend.) Down to the most mundane task, he needs things done in a very specific way. For proof, watch #TripleVirgo interior designer Nate Berkus reveal his hack for belt storage. “This is arguably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever learned,” he gushes in this Instagram post. If he weren’t a Virgo, we might not believe him.

If you, like Berkus, adore a clean, minimalist aesthetic, you’ve already won a significant portion of Virgo’s heart. This is the dude most likely to iron his T-shirts and alphabetize his bookshelves. But there’s one place the Virgo wants to get down and dirty, and that’s in the bedroom.

Even a hookup with Virgo can be a richly rewarding, educational experience. As a sensual earth sign, Sir Virgo’s touch is heavenly, and he quickly attunes to your body. Do you like less pressure or more? You’ve never had quite so many opportunities to instruct and consent! A nerdy researcher, Virgo loves to study anatomy. There’s a solid chance that he’ll introduce you to pleasure points you didn’t realize existed.

Don’t be unnerved when his timer goes off, signaling the end of the tryst. Like Virgo media mogul Tyler Perry, this dutiful dude has responsibilities to attend to. As he hops in the shower, you’ll be plotting an excuse to have him back over to help you with a household task again.

While this smooth talker can be a playboy, he’s ultimately angling to be husband material. Like one of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba, he’s the perfect plus-one for your wedding photo. A traditionalist at heart, he wants the white-picket-fence fantasy with the picture-perfect mate, one who ticks his obsessively refined boxes. London-born Elba spotted wife Sabrina, a stunning beauty, across the room and declared it love at first sight.

Ultimately, the people in Virgo’s innermost circle must understand that he is here on a humanitarian mission. On their third date, Virgo Prince Harry took Leo Meghan Markle on a service trip to Botswana, where they lived in a tent for the first five days.

Wellness is another obsession for the Virgo man, not merely because of optics. This zodiac sign rules digestion, which can be a sensitive system for them. This can partly explain their extremely particular eating habits, and also why their shelves might be lined with more supplements than a Vitamin Shoppe display. They also enjoy tuning their bodies with machine-like precision through diet and exercise. Throughout both The Matrix and John Wick franchises, Virgo Keanu Reeves trained vigilantly to do his own stunts.

So whether you’re linking up with a Virgo man for work, play, or a lifetime together, you’ll have to make it past his incredibly high standards. You’ll also have to decide whether you want the responsibility that comes along with a Virgo man: This guy is deeply understanding, but he suffers neither fools nor slackers. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution, and the latter option is where he lives.

The good news is: He’s as patient as he is wise. He understands that successful investing takes time and discipline. Virgo Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men, quipped, “Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” And that’s the magic this steady earth sign man brings.

Best Match: Sagittarius

When these wise, philosophical mutable signs unite, they get each other’s best qualities in motion. Sagittarius lights a fire in Virgo’s hearth, while Virgo helps the itinerant Archer settle into a healthy groove. Joint ventures between these two signs can go viral.

Worst Match: Aries

Brainy, fast-talking Aries is a verbal match for the savvy Virgo, but trouble erupts when these two signs begin to exchange more than just ideas. Aries’ sense of entitlement clashes with Virgo’s modest approach, and when Virgo attempts to advise, schedule, or otherwise control the fiercely independent Ram, all hell breaks loose.

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