What to Know About Aquarius Men, the Zodiac’s Eccentric Rebels

What to Know About Aquarius Men, the Zodiac’s Eccentric Rebels

Read the below for any man with an Aquarius sun or Aquarius rising sign, and find even more information on Aquarius compatibility here.

Wanted: Self-actualized human to inspire and adore the world’s quirkiest renaissance man while he reaches his highest potential.

If you’re wired to pull off this complex and challenging order, you might be compatible with the difficult-to-please Aquarius man. A true unicorn, he manages to be both incredibly popular and impossible to predict. Mr. Aquarius doesn’t break molds; he defies them altogether. Want to be part of his circle? Make sure you do the same.

Ruled by Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side, Aquarius is the zodiac’s eccentric rebel. Even if he chops it up in the underground scene, he might eventually have his name and likeness splayed across collectible merch, like Aquarius reggae icon Bob Marley.

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Plenty of present-day pop stars are also Aqua-strong: Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd; rappers, too, including Gucci Mane, Logic, and Kid Cudi. Aquarius is a communicative air sign and like his Gemini and Libra brothers, he’s got a clever way with words. His sense of humor is wicked and wise, a heady mix that will have you rewinding his tracks to hear a salient line for a second and third time.

Even as he ages, Aquarius never loses his youthful streak. His sign is symbolized by Ganymede, the beautiful, young “water bearer” who filled the cups of the gods. Life must always retain a measure of playfulness for him. A natural host and raconteur, the Aquarius man loves to entertain. If he has a couch to spare, you are always welcome to drop by and crash. Stay long enough and you might be inducted into one of his many team efforts. As the sign of community, he thrives in a group, whether that’s a boy band or a sports league.

Impish streak aside, the Aquarius man can be shockingly traditional. As one of the zodiac’s four fixed signs (along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), he thrives in a structured and predictable environment. Maybe he trashed a few hotel rooms in his halcyon days, but you’d better believe that his own home will be pristine. And if he designs it to spec, it will be a modernist architect’s dream—spacious and airy, with plenty of room for pool parties with the endless stream of friends an Aquarius makes with almost zero effort.

He can also be quite the family guy, even if his approach to domestic life is unconventional. When Bob Marley sang, “One love / One heart / Let’s get together and feel alright,” he may or may not have been picturing himself as the father of 11 kids—only three with his lifelong wife, Rita, who, like him, had extramarital affairs.

Aquarius might even be the ultimate soccer dad, like Portuguese baller Cristiano Ronaldo who fathered five kids with his long-term partner, Georgina Rodríguez, a model and influencer. Ronaldo has said, “Becoming a parent and raising my family is honestly the greatest privilege I’ve had.”

No matter how boy-next-door they look on the surface, Aquarians are philosophical, experimental, and edgy. This might explain the allure of older partners. (No, it’s not just Aquarius going for shock value, again.) Harry Styles notably dated Pisces Olivia Wilde, despite their 10-year age gap. Visual artist Sandro Kopp, an Aquarius, is 18 years younger than his partner, Scorpio Tilda Swinton.

Whether you love him like a boyfriend or just a bro, Aquarius men are the ultimate buddies, ready with a humorous line to pick you up when you’re feeling down or share a pro tip to quickly snap you back into action. A solid space cadet, he’ll come out of left field with ideas so brilliant, you’ll wish you could immediately trademark them. Funny fact: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, a literal space cadet, is an Aquarius.

Aquarius rules the higher mind, so he’s more rational than emotional. But don’t underestimate the depth of his feelings. He might hide them behind jokes. Picture Aquarius comedian Hannibal Buress who played Ilana Glazer’s lovable-but-gullible friend, Lincoln, in Broad City.

Until he learns to articulate his feelings, he might suffer with secret pain. Buzz Aldrin plunged into depression after his Apollo 11 moonwalk, which led to divorce and substance abuse. Yet true to the Aquarius man’s high-vibrational nature, Aldrin sought treatment and became chairman of the National Association for Mental Health.

Which leads us to another winning trait of the Aquarius man: his philanthropic nature. As the zodiac’s humanitarian, he can be one of the most accepting and generous souls on the planet. Charity doesn’t always begin in the home for him, however; it begins in the public eye, where he can spread a message to the masses. Even if it creates a little bitterness with his inner circle, his uplifting impact is hard to deny. Cue Harry Styles’ “Treat People with Kindness,” and play it on repeat.

Best Match: Virgo

While not a conventional mashup, there’s crazy chemistry between earth sign Virgo and air sign Aquarius. Both are whip-smart, quirky control freaks who will delight each other with random trivia and snarky humor. Virgo is all about charitable service, while Aquarius is the zodiac’s activist. Making a difference together is another way they’ll bond.

Worst Match: Taurus

Tactile Taurus wants to be up-close, present, and uber personal. Intellectual Aquarius needs galaxies of space as he dreams about the future. When they’re not chasing and ghosting each other, they might bond over music, sex and, bouts of hedonism. But without ample common ground, it can be hard to make this stick.

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