Use This Kitchen Tool To Make Quick Work Of Those Sandwich Crusts

Crustless peanut butter jelly sandwich
Crustless peanut butter jelly sandwich - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

No one can deny the deliciousness of a sandwich made with soft, pillowy bread and your favorite fillings. While crustless sandwiches are mostly associated with young picky eaters, or reception-style finger food, there is something to be said about consuming a sandwich without having to chew through walls of crust. Whether you're putting together traditional peanut butter and jelly, making a tray of tea sandwiches, or a classic deli Reuben, you may be on the lookout for a useful tool to slice off sandwich crusts with more efficiency. While you can always use a knife to remove the crusts, a pizza cutter proves to be an easy and quick alternative.

Chef's knives may leave you with uneven cuts and bread knives have serrated edges which means more work to get a clean cut. Pizza cutters can effectively tackle this job due to their extra sharp blades and ability to slice through bread in one motion. When it comes to removing sandwich crusts, any style pizza cutter will do. As long as the blade is sharp, you can either use a wheel or rocking-style pizza cutter. Whether rocking or rolling, pizza cutters help remove sandwich crusts in a snap.

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Use Precision And Care When Removing Sandwich Crusts With Your Pizza Cutter

Roller pizza cutter
Roller pizza cutter - nevodka/Shutterstock

Before you reach for your pizza cutter, consider the type of sandwich in need of trimming. If you want to slice the ends off a classic club sandwich, or another variety with the same amount of layers, keep a firm hand on your sandwich with one hand to stop ingredients from sliding. Then use a roller pizza cutter to cleanly trim the edges with your dominant hand. Alternatively, a rocking style pizza cutter works best on simple sandwiches that will remain intact as you cut, since you need two hands to use it. Pizza cutters make the most precise cuts with a bit of downward pressure, so make sure you're keeping your fingers out of the way.

Now that you know how easy it is to use a pizza cutter to remove sandwich crusts, you can even start using one to cut your sandwich in half. Pizza cutters slice through sandwiches with proficiency. Even this controversial viral sandwich cutting hack may prove easier with a pizza cutter. Another great use is if you have young kids that enjoy smaller, more manageable bites, as your pizza cutter will get this job done in no time.

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