Kit Kat Has a Surprising New Flavor Coming Soon

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As summer draws near, the new seasonal product drops tend to get more and more exciting. And the flavors that our favorite brands come up with never cease to amaze us. From Rocky Road Fudge Stripes to Peach Coca-Cola, the upcoming product launches all scream summer.

If there’s one brand we can always count on to bring fun seasonal offerings, it’s Hershey’s. There’s no denying the new Reese’s medal shape or returning white chocolate bar with popping candy will make it to our summer barbecues. And, of course, no summer night is complete without a chocolatey s’more.

But, Hershey’s summer lineup isn’t stopping with Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Kisses and red, white, and blue packaging because a new seasonal Kit Kat is also coming to play. We guess Hershey’s theme this year was “think pink,” since you’ll now see new Pink Lemonade Kit Kat bars next to those baby pink Kisses.

Kit Kat's New Pink Lemonade Flavor

<p>Kit Kat/Allrecipes</p>

Kit Kat/Allrecipes

This summer, Kit Kat is releasing pink lemonade-flavored candy bars in both standard and king sizes. The limited-time flavor comes just months after the beloved Lemon Crisp Kit Kat was sold for Easter. Similar to the yellow lemon variety, the Pink Lemonade Kit Kat will have a bright, citrus flavor, but it’s not just the Lemon Crisp wafer dyed pink.

Kit Kat’s Pink Lemonade candy is made with pink lemonade-flavored creme. As we’ve learned, pink lemonade pretty much tastes like regular lemonade, unless you dye the drink using juice or syrup—like our top-rated recipe, which uses cranberry juice.

Hershey’s says its pink lemonade flavor will have a hint of strawberry, making it a true summer delight.

The pink strawberry-lemonade candy bar will hit retailer shelves nationwide “this summer,” according to Hershey’s. There’s no telling if that means the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day) or closer to the actual first day of summer at the end of June. So, we guess we’ll just have to check the candy aisle and endcaps every time we head to the grocery store from now on.

Oh darn, another reason to pursue the snack aisle and stock up on the latest summer treats—the horror!

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