Kirsty Gallagher explains how to make the most of the Spring Equinox - and reclaim 2023

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Make the most of Spring Equinox - and reclaim 2023Hearst Owned

April is just days away - and there’s never been a better time to start the year afresh.

It sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? But astrologer Kirsty Gallgher told Women’s Health that she has treated March 20 as her ‘New Year’ for decades - and it makes perfect sense.

She explained: ‘I have always found it really hard to create, to wish, to dream, to dream and to manifest on the first of January, because it's cold, it's dark. It's like the deepest depths of the year, we’re battered after Christmas and New Year and we're expected to be feeling excited.

‘When I started doing astrology many years ago and I realised that the Spring Equinox, which always falls around March 20, was the start of the astrological year, it made so much more sense to me.

‘Everything is in alignment, nature is beginning to come to life in the world.’

Living in sync with the planet is at the heart of Kirsty’s new tome, Sacred Seasons. The follow-up to Lunar Living, it is a one-stop guide to moon rituals, crystals, altar set-ups and journal prompts inspired by the Wheel of the Year.

And it all begins with the Spring Equinox.

Kirsty said: ‘It's a really beautiful time to just take a pause and just check in. Ask yourself, “Has the year started how I wanted it to?”

‘I always like to look at what would I change if I could? What can you do to make sure it's different now going forward?

‘You’re getting a second chance to start again, so how are you going to start over?’

Kirsty says that it’s also a great time to plan what we want to ‘grow’ over spring and summer and to plot out what we want the rest of the year to look like.

‘For many people it is a second chance, a new beginning, but now we've got nature on our side. We just have to look around us and go, “Oh, wow, there’s this energy, things are about to happen”.

‘You feel the optimism and the awakening of the energies.’

Here Kirsty shares five tips to how to make the spring equinox work for you

1. Treat the Spring Equinox as your new year

This season marks the start of the astrological new year, as the sun moves into Aries and brings the opportunity to ‘start over’. Treat the Spring Equinox as you would normally January 1st; set goals, intentions, and resolutions for the year ahead. Nature is starting over, so why shouldn’t you! Life becomes very challenging when we push against Nature in this way, which is why many resolutions fail and we don’t see things through. It makes so much more sense to do this at the spring equinox, when the world is waking up and everything around us is springing to life.

2. Move more

With the lighter mornings and evenings, start to move more – whether that is a five-minute yoga practice, a morning dance or shake, or just getting out into Nature for a walk in the fresh air. Ultimately, do what feels good for you and watch your increased energy, as you awaken your body into spring.

3. Tap into your Aries energy

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, begins and initiates, bringing a trailblazing energy to get things started. As the pioneer of the zodiac, Aries will bring a huge burst of energy and help to move you into uncharted territories to explore new ways of making things happen. If you tap into this Aries energy, you’ll find your self-belief game is strong and that you have self-motivation levels that even your inner saboteur will struggle to contain.

4. Try something new!

This is also the season to try something new. Whether that’s a new business venture, hobby or habits and beliefs, get out of your comfort zone and follow a new adventure.

5. Spring clean – both your outer and inner worlds!

With all the fresh cleansing spring energy that’s in the air, this is the perfect time to spring clean your body, mind, emotions and your home. It’s said that your outer world reflects your inner one, so look around you: is there clutter everywhere or things shoved into the back of cupboards? What are you holding on to that is old and outdated and you no longer need? Begin a meditation practice to clear and cleanse your mind, too. Let go of any old beliefs and emotional ties that hold you back.

Eat more healthy-living foods that nourish you. Start a new and go into this season with a fresh, clean spring in your step.

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