Kirstie Allsopp criticised for telling women not to wear tights in June

Kirstie Allsopp has sparked controversy after saying women shouldn't wear tights in June [Photo: Getty]
Kirstie Allsopp has sparked controversy after saying women shouldn't wear tights in June [Photo: Getty]

Kirstie Allsopp has sparked a Twitter debate after claiming women shouldn’t wear “thick black tights” in June, as Vitamin D is “important for our health”.

This morning, the television presenter took to the social media platform to vent her frustration at female tube travellers who are still wearing the hosiery.

“It’s June, yet on the tube today many women were wearing thick black tights - Ladies it’s called Vitamin D it’s important for our health, ditch the denier,” she wrote.

But the 47-year-old’s statement soon sparked criticism online with a number of her 406,000 followers calling out the Channel 4 presenter for telling women what to wear.

One social media user wrote, “It drives me mad how you like to tell others what to do! We are all grown adults!”

Another agreed, commenting: “What the bloody hell has it got to do with you what other women are wearing?! Of all the things to use your platform on here for (and normally you get it spot on) this one is ridiculous and petty.”

Others defended their choice of attire, blaming the rainy British weather for their decision to don tights.

One Twitter users responded: “Come to Newcastle upon Tyne Kirstie. It’s 11 degrees and blowing a hooley. #wearwhateveryouwant.”

“Come up to Scotland and you will understand this! #dontditchthetightsjustyet,” a second Twitter user added.

To further emphasise their point, some even proudly shared photographs of their tights in response to Allsopp’s divisive tweet.

One social media user explained that she suffers from a condition known as Lipoedema and emphasised that it can be hurtful to judge someone on their appearance without understanding the circumstances.

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“A work colleague said something similar to me once, what she nor you realise is that I have compression wear for a condition (Lipoedema),” she wrote. “Made me feel more awkward than I already did. You never know why or what. I'm surprised at this comment, little bit judgy albeit inadvertently.”

Another simply told the television presenter to “back off” alongside a photograph of her tights.

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