Will Kirk age: How old is The Repair Shop expert Will Kirk?

Ever since he first barrelled onto our screens back in 2017, The Repair Shop star Will Kirk has been delighting audiences at home with his phenomenal restoration skills. Working as the show’s resident wood expert, Will has been able to masterfully restore countless treasured items back to their former glory and help to preserve precious memories and sentimental trinkets for generations to come.

Alongside his formidable woodwork skills, Will has also often charmed viewers with his cheeky personality and youthful good looks, leading many fans to often wonder how old he actually is and when he began to get involved in the art of wood restoration work.

Here, we take a look at everything you need to know about the star…

How old is Will Kirk?

Will often marks his birthdays with a photo snapped beside a cake.
Will often marks his birthdays with a photo snapped beside a cake -Credit:williamkirkrestoration/instagram

Although Will is one of the resident experts in The Repair Shop, he is also one of the youngest at 38. Born on May 14, 1985, Will has documented his birthday on social media in the past, with the popular star previously having revealed his lowkey celebrations complete with delicious platters of cakes!

In one particular post shared back in 2022, Will even shared an adorable throwback snap to his younger years as he recreated the same image of posing in front of a cake to mark his birthday celebration.

In the present, Will was holding a chocolate birthday cake surrounded by cupcakes while he posted on the grass in the sunshine, meanwhile in his throwback snap, a bright eyed and much younger Will grinned from ear to ear as she blew the candles out on yet another chocolate cake, while wearing a very fetching Mickey Mouse jumper.

In an accompanying caption, Will wrote: "Less hair, more wrinkles, but pretty much the same....Thank you all for your birthday wishes!"

When did he start working as a wood restoration expert?

Will Kirk was inspired to try wood restoration after watching his grandfather work
Will Kirk was inspired to try wood restoration after watching his grandfather work -Credit:BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Sarah Weal

Initially, Will went into the craft of wood restoration after being inspired by his grandfather who used to repair items in his very own workshop. Soon falling in love with the craft, Will decided to follow in his footsteps and went on to study Graphic Design and Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation at the University of the Arts and London Metropolitan University.

Following his graduation, Will travelled to Italy with the Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers to represent the UK at the annual Salon Decorative Arts Fair and in 2012. In the very same year, he also launched his own workshop in London, William Kirk Restoration, which is still where he works to this day.

The craftsman opened up about the emotional origins of his career in a candid conversation on The TV Carpenter Podcast. Will shared that he used the inheritance money from his father's passing to establish his own business.

Setting up his own business wasn't without challenges, and Will recalled the initial struggle, saying: "I just spent months handing flyers out and hearing nothing." His earnings for the first year were modest at £890, a fact he humorously acknowledged, adding: "That went down well with my girlfriend. Nice, solid man to future marry.”

How did he join the Repair Shop?

A chance meeting with a show producer led to Will's role on The Repair Shop
A chance meeting with a show producer led to Will's role on The Repair Shop -Credit:BBC

The opportunity to join the show came about unexpectedly when a chance encounter with a member of staff at the production company making the show took place during a furniture fitting.

Will previously revealed: “He picked up the furniture, he was very pleased with what I did and then he said, 'Do you mind if I come down to your workshop with a camera and a few cans of beer and we can have a chat about your furniture, restoring furniture and everything else?”

This spontaneous meeting soon led to the development of The Repair Shop, with Will initially being invited to film furniture drops and repairs before securing a permanent spot as one of the expert craftsmen on the show.

Is Will Kirk single?

Will is happily married to Polly Snowdon, an educational psychologist, with the pair currently residing in Wandsworth with their baby daughter, born in July 2022.