What King Charles' secret party den at Highgrove House is really like

Royal residences are full of secret rooms and hidden features, like Buckingham Palace's incognito door and many panic rooms and it turns out King Charles' countryside retreat is no different.

Highgrove House is located in the tranquil Gloucestershire countryside but there's a secret part to the property that is not so tranquil.

In Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, he details everything about an underground room called Club H.

charles harry william on holiday
charles harry william on holiday

When Harry and William were growing up they partied in an underground bunker

"Many assumed the H stood for Harry, but in fact it stood for Highgrove," Harry explained. He went on to detail: "The basement had once been a bomb shelter," but it had been decorated with "a Persian rug, red Moroccan sofas, wooden table, electric dartboard".

Harry loved the privacy of the windowless space. "Club H was the perfect hideout for a teenager, but especially this teenager. When I wanted peace, Club H provided. When I wanted mischief, Club H was the safest place to act out," he explained. "When I wanted solitude, what better than a bomb shelter in the middle of the British countryside? Willy felt the same. I often thought he seemed more at peace down there than anywhere else on earth."

Highgrove has a secret underground den

It is unknown whether the monarch has retired the party room now that his sons are grown up or if he chooses to use it for parties of his own.

The rest of Highgrove is very serene with idyllic grounds and beautiful interiors.

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In the early years when Charles first moved to Highgrove, it was said to have little more than a neglected kitchen garden and some pastureland, but under his watchful eye, it has been transformed beyond recognition.

highgrove garden
highgrove garden

Charles takes pride in his idyllic garden 

The dreamy outdoor space is something Charles is extremely proud of, and it gets showcased on public tours during the summer months.

One of the outdoor rooms that has been created has a stunning mosaic-tiled fountain at its centre. Vibrant florals and greenery are planted around either side, while the walled surround creates a peaceful place to escape and unwind.

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