King Charles was the original 'Mr Napkin Head' from The Holiday in hilarious clip - watch

A hilarious clip of King Charles has re-emerged after it was featured in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new Netflix docuseries - and royal fans are losing it.

In episode one of the bombshell documentary, Prince Harry recalls that the majority of his childhood memories are of being "swarmed by paparazzi". As he shares his experience, an adorable video from the family archives shows the young royal being photographed alongside his brother - and his dad Charles has the most unexpected cameo.

WATCH: King Charles performs 'Mr Napkin Head' for Prince Harry in rare clip

In the fun clip, Prince William and a baby Prince Harry could be seen sitting at a piano alongside their late mother, Princess Diana.

As Prince Charles tries to distract his youngest son, who is banging on the keys of the piano, the royal father tries to make Harry laugh by putting a handkerchief on his head and pulling funny faces.


The royal tried to distract his youngest son with a playful tactic

Viewers of the Netflix documentary swiftly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the rare clip, with many likening King Charles' playful antics to those of Jude Law's in The Holiday.

The rom-com has become somewhat synonymous with the festive season since its premiere 16 years ago. In particular, one scene involving Jude's loveable character Graham.

In the especially adorable scene, Jude's character Graham introduces his love interest Amanda (Cameron Diaz) to his two young children. Whilst at the dinner table, his daughters beg him to perform his famous 'Mr. Napkin Head' skit. Do you see where this is going?

"Was Prince Charles the OG Mr Napkin head?" asked one fan on Twitter, as another wrote: "Oh no you guys…Prince Charles did Mr. Napkin Head before Jude Law in The Holiday?"

"So, Prince Charles was the original Mr. Napkin Head before Jude Law? Wild," tweeted another fan in agreement.


Prince Harry opens up about his childhood in his Netflix documentary

Whilst we highly doubt the writers of The Holiday took inspiration from the monarch's mischievous antics as a new father, there's no denying the fun clip from Prince Harry's archives is remarkably similar to Jude Law's iconic performance. Psst Jude, is it too late to audition for The Crown?

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