King Charles III coronation: the key moments

King Charles III coronation: the key moments

The King and Queen’s Coronation Day was a roaring success on Saturday (6 May) but, with so much going on, there were plenty of moments you might have missed.

From the beginning of the ceremony as The King and Queen entered Westminster Abbey (followed by The Prince and Princess of Wales with their children), to the final balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace, it was an action-packed day.

Guests at the service included the usual former British Prime Ministers and international political figures, as well as some surprise celebrity appearances such as singer Katy Perry looking lovely in pink, who even stopped to take a few selfies.

There were plenty of sweet moments to be seen throughout the day, too. Princess Charlotte could be seen holding Prince Louis’ hand, and the young royals also waved to crowds from the windows of their carriage during the procession back to Buckingham Palace.

The streets were lined with crowds and well-wishers who came out to wave, cheer and show their support, with many braving the rain with the aid of waterproof macs. The King and Queen travelled in two different coaches on the day, leaving in the spectacular Gold State Coach which is more than 200 years old. Weighing four tonnes, it needed to be pulled by no few than eight Windsor Grey horses from the Royal Mews.

Here, we round up all the best moments from the Coronation Day of King Charles and Queen Camilla, to give you a snapshot of everything that happened on the historic day.

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The King travels to Westminster Abbey

The first procession begins at 10.20am as King Charles III travels to his coronation.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales and family arrive at Westminster Abbey

The Prince and Prince of Wales arrive at Westminster Abbey with their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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Princess of Wales wears special headpiece

The Princess wears a headpiece instead of a tiara which was designed by milliner Jess Collett (who was supported by The Prince's Trust when she began her career) in collaboration with Alexander McQueen.

Raincoats are on!

Fans put their raincoats on as they wait for The King to go past in his carriage.

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Fans share a heartwarming moment

Morale is high as a little boy has a crown placed on his head by a smiling police officer.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh walk into Westminster Abbey

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh walk into the Abbey with their two children: James Mountbatten-Windsor, Earl of Wessex and Lady Louise.

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Kate Perry attends King Charles III's coronation

The American pop-star attends King Charles III's coronation ahead of performing at the coronation concert on Sunday, 7 May.

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Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis share cute moment

The brother and sister are hand-in-hand heading into Westminster Abbey for their grandfather, King Charles' coronation.

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Prince George fulfils his duty as Page of Honour

Prince George supports his grandfather in a key role as a Page of Honour at The King's Coronation.

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The Royal Family watch the ceremony

The Royal Family wait to watch King Charles III be coronated.

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Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte wear matching outfits

The mother and daughter wore matching outfits — including floral headpieces.

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Penny Mordaunt plays a big part in the coronation

Penny Mordaunt takes part in King Charles III's coronation ceremony.

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King Charles and Queen Camilla are officially crowned

King Charles III and Queen Camilla are crowned King and Queen in Westminster Abbey.

King Charles III is crowned King

King Charles III is crowned on Saturday 6 May in Westminster Abbey.

King Charles shares sweet moment with son

Prince William kisses his father's cheek after King Charles is crowned.

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Queen Camilla is crowned

Queen Camilla is crowned on Saturday 6 May in Westminster Abbey.

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The King and Queen leave Westminster Abbey in the Gold State Coach

The breed of horses leading the carriage are Windsor Greys and their names are Icon, Shadow, Milford Haven, Echo, Knightsbridge, Tyrone, Meg and Newark.

Princess Anne has a quick change

Princess Anne changes out of her amazing cloak into her military uniform to ride a horse as part of the coronation procession, after her brother, King Charles III's ceremony.

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Prince Louis travels in royal carriage

The Prince was seen singing in the carriage and enjoying the moment!

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King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Buckingham Palace Balcony

King Charles III and Queen Camilla take their places on Buckingham Palace Balcony and wave to the public.

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