What Kind Of Drink Pairs Best With A Tender Pork Chop?

Cooked pork chops on plate
Cooked pork chops on plate - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Whether you're grilling pork chops outdoors or sizzling them on the stovetop, you're in for a protein-packed and delightful meal. Achieving those appealing grill marks or a light brown sauté on each side of your pork chops adds to their visual allure. Yet, beyond the aesthetic, the true essence lies in the flavor imparted to each pork chop. As you relish those tender, juicy bites, you might find yourself longing for a beverage that complements their taste. If you've ever wondered whether there's a drink to accompany pork chops, the answer is a resounding yes.

Surprisingly, wine emerges as the optimal choice to serve with pork chops. You can use either red or white wine to go with them. However, before you pour yourself a nice refreshing glass of your favorite wine, there's one thing you'll want to keep in mind. The way you prepare your pork chops will determine what type of wine you use.

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Pinot Noir And Pork Chops

Line of wine glasses filled with red, white and rose wines
Line of wine glasses filled with red, white and rose wines - Giovanni Magdalinos/Getty Images

When you're making pork chops, you'll want to think about the wine you'll be drinking with them. The more bold the flavors you infuse with the pork chops, the bolder your choice of wine can be. Sometimes, you'll even want to base the wine you choose on the sauce you make for your meat. However, the most popular wine you'll pair with your pork chops is Pinot Noir.

If you're making smoked pork chops, you'll find that an aged Pinot Noir goes great with them. Aged Pinot Noir develops more of a smoky and vanilla flavor, which can pair very well with pork chops. However, this red wine is also one of the most versatile and food-friendly wines there is, so it's easy to keep some on hand for whatever you're cooking for dinner. Nevertheless, you could enjoy it with juicy, tender pork chops made with cherry sauce because a younger Pinot Noir will have more of a cherry flavor.

More Wine Choices For Pork Chops

Grilled pork chops on a plate
Grilled pork chops on a plate - Bhofack2/Getty Images

There are many types of delectable wines and pork chop recipes you can pair together for flavorful results. Another abundant and suitable choice for many different types of pork chops is Pinot Grigio. This dry, acidic, and fruity white wine will go great with seared pork chops. Pinot Grigio is affordable, versatile, and smooth as can be. You'll find quite a few pork chop dishes are seared with white wine or made with a creamy white wine sauce. The acidity, dryness, and fruit flavor of Pinot Grigio will perfectly match any of these dishes.

Another white wine that will go well with creamier dishes is oaked Chardonnay. This wine is also perfect for people who love grilling their pork chops. Some oaked chardonnay will complement your meat and provide ample caramel, vanilla, and oaky flavors that will suit the sweet caramelization of your pork chops. You'll love the taste as your refreshing drink and grilled pork chops balance some of their shared or similar flavors. A combination that may well become one of your new favorites.

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