Kim Kardashian reveals how skincare has changed her confidence in candid post

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Kim reveals how skincare's changed her confidenceDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Kim Kardashian may not be who springs to mind when we think of 'light glam' or 'no makeup makeup', but you may have noticed the star has been sporting stripped back looks more frequently. Well, it seems it's not just about makeup trends, Kim just took to her Instagram stories to talk skincare, and shared one particularly relatable takeaway in the series of candid posts. The self-esteem boost we get when we're happy with our skin.

Kimmy told fans and followers: "Prioritizing skincare has totally changed my life! Taking the time to perfect my skincare routine has greatly improved my skin texture and given me the confidence to go makeup-free (or at least wear less makeup) more often. I receive so many compliments on my natural skin now, and it makes me so happy!"

The impact our skin has on our self esteem or confidence is something most of us can probably relate to. Be that through pigmentation, acne, dry skin, skin conditions, or just dull lifeless skin, it's so hard not to be self conscious, leading to adding more makeup, which just risks inflaming or worsening skin issues. But it really doesn't need to be makeup VS skincare.

That interaction is also covered in the series of posts, with Kim writing: "I've started to think of my skincare as part of my makeup routine. The goal is to create the best and healthiest canvas possible for your makeup. And once the look and feel of your skin starts to improve, I think you naturally just want to cover it up less. Plus, my makeup sits and blends better now. I'm loving all these soft, minimal glam days!"

Full glam or barely there, the only 'right' way to do it is the way you feel confident 🥰.

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