Kim Kardashian’s fresh-cut bangs are the shortest they've been since 2012

Early this month, Kim Kardashian revived the infamous curtain bangs hairstyle that boomed in popularity during lockdown. And to say we were *so* here for it would be an understatement (read: emergency hair appointments were most certainly had). But in true Kar-Jenner fashion, it didn't take long for the mum-of-four to switch up her style. As it goes: another day, another lewk.

As one does in today's day and age to debut such key watershed moments, Kim took to her Instagram feed with a 10-part carousel post – caszh, we know. As shown below, Kim is channeling Barbarella reborn with a hot pink strapless dress and as for the hair, well, accompanying her long, tousled waves are a set of even shorter bangs. I mean, they're so short, I'd go as far as to say she's verging on full fringe territory!

Swipe through the below to see the style from all angles:

To share their love for her new cut, fans took to the comments section with an abundance of praise. Read a select few standouts:

"U look soo different 😮 in a good way"


"Kim K has bangs , so now I must get bangs 🙌🏻"

"Oh she rly went in for the bangs! Get it"

"I love the bangs"

"Ok the bangs who is she 😍😍😍😍"

"2010 Kim K is screaming right now 🔥🔥🔥"

Although we agree with all of the above, the latter is a standout. As the final comment alludes, this look is very reminiscent of 2010s Kim. But, if (unlike me) you don't have a bank of the best Kardashian beauty moments stored in your brain, just take a look at a snap of the star from the TAO New Year's Eve 2012 party below:

kim kardashian's newly cut bangs are the shortest they've been since 2012
Denise Truscello - Getty Images

Trends come and go but Kim K and her influential style is forever. Though, I'm not too sure the embellished neckline dress trend will be coming back anytime soon...

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