Kim Kardashian fans are confused by North West's favourite film

kim kardashian fans are confused by north west's favourite film
North West's favourite film is v confusingInstagram

The Kardashian family are full of surprises. From Khloé's constant hair transformations to the daring fashion choices of Kim. The latest thing to slightly confuse fans is North West's favourite film, after the nine year old revealed all on TikTok.

This time last year, Kim and North went viral when they revealed their joint TikTok account to the world. While it often features funny dance routines or voiceover reenactments, North recently shared a video titled 'Beginning my day.'

In the video, which was set to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls', North explained she was starting the morning by watching her favourite film. The camera then pans around to reveal an image of The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It on screen.

Er, yep. We are talking about the rated 18 horror film that contains "terror, violence and some disturbing images. The official synopsis details how, "Arne Cheyenne Johnson stabs and murders his landlord, claiming to be under demonic possession. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the case and try to prove his innocence."

Surprising choice, Northy! The TikTok has since been deleted, but that didn't stop fans from picking up on the video.

"North West’s favourite movie being The Conjuring 3 was something I simply never would have guessed in my entire life," one person wrote, while another said, "Can we talk about how North West’s favourite movie is The Conjuring 3?"

We're saying nothing.

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