Kim Kardashian Is Blonde Again But This Time With Caramel Roots And Green Contact Lenses

kim kardashian blonde hair
Kim K Pairs New Blonde Hair With Green ContactsANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

If we remained shocked every time a Kar-Jenner's hair colour changed, we'd have whiplash. But we have to admit we were surprised when Kim Kardashian popped back up on our timeline as a blonde again.

Kim shared the new Skims Swim campaign shots to her Instagram page, sporting bottom-grazing platinum blonde hair with soft caramel roots. Looking distinctly different from the skunk stripe black roots she was rocking with her white platinum hair late last year.

Before we were done deciding if it was shoot from before her long-awaited return to brunette, a wig, or another 24-hour bleaching session with Chris Appleton (our money is on one of the former), we realised it wasn't just the hair making her look so different.

Her eyes are green. Look for yourself:

Whether it's coloured contacts or they've just been edited, Kim's usually deep, dark brown eyes have been switched up to what looks like a very light warm green. Too much of a contrast to be a trick of the light.

Desperate for a closer look, we were thwarted by sunglasses worn in the close-up shots from the shoot, but will be trawling both Kim's and Skims stories and posts for hopes of a better nosey.

Green-eyed Kim K was not on our bingo card for 2023, but given the rest of the models are a cast of electric-blue-eyed Aliens, perhaps she was going for an otherworldly look with the pale eyes.

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