Kim Kardashian apparently gave Cardi B a list of plastic surgery recommendations…

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Kim gave Cardi B plastic surgery advice apparentlyRich Fury - Getty Images

LIke singer SZA, rapper Cardi B has always been open about her cosmetic procedures, and most recently, she’s candidly spoken about her decision to undergo rhinoplasty (commonly called a ‘nose job’). Speaking about it, and cosmetic procedures in general on a new chat show, the mother of two also said a famous friend helped her with plastic surgery recommendations.

Appearing on the premiere episode of the Jason Lee Show, Cardi revealed that it was none other than Kim Kardashian who gave her a list of plastic surgeon recommendations before going under the knife. As for Kim’s own experience with going under the knife or undergoing any ‘tweakments’, she has only ever confirmed having botox in the past.

"People will be assuming that when you do surgery, you're insecure about yourself or you hate yourself,” Cardi began. “And that's just not the truth.

“If I wanna correct something or do a little something, something, I don’t give a f*ck. I’m gonna do it. I like being perfect. I like a certain type of body for myself.”

Cardi also spoke about the work she had done to her nose in 2020, after Lee asked about her hunt for a good doctor. The artist confirmed that she did actually phone a couple of the names Kim gave to her, but didn’t confirm whether she ended up going with any of those medical professionals in the end.

Before undergoing permanent plastic surgery, Cardi explained how she has also tried nose filler in the past (where a gel-like ingredient is injected into the areas where you want to change the shape of your nose): "Around 2018, 2019, everyone was like, 'There's a non-surgical way for your nose to get smaller, and that's filler.' I feel like it's really important for me to tell this so if anybody gets into these types of things, remember, I'm letting y'all know this, I did fillers on my nose in 2019.”

Cardi added: “Fillers made my nose longer. That shit f*cked my nose up. 'What the f*ck did I do to myself? No matter how much I tried to take the fillers out, it still fucked up the tip of my nose."

Last year, Cardi also had the majority of her bum injections dissolved, urging people not to make the same mistake she did by getting the procedure done. Cardi said she has no future plans to have any more plastic surgery. “Oh, I’m done. I look great,” the rapper said.

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