Kim Kardashian’s 3D extraterrestrial nails are a far cry from her signature mani

kim kardashian alien nails
Kim's extraterrestrial mani is far from her usualKevin Mazur - Getty Images

There was plenty to take in from Kim Kardashian's recent Skims X Swim relaunch. The green contacts, the toxic toned platinum yellow hair... the accompanying cast of alien models. So we won't blame you for not clocking her 3D extraterrestrial mani. It's often the way that nails don't get their moment in the spotlight 'till the nail artists share all the details in a close-up.

The mastermind behind this intergalactic set of press ons is one of Kim's favourites, LA manicurist Diem Truong (@NailsbyDiem); who's also nail artist to the likes of Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington, Katy Perry and some other people not beginning with a K too.

Swipe through some of the pics from the sci-fi shoot and you'll get that clear shot of the detailed press-ons' before they were applied. And boy, did Diem nail the brief (pun unintended but noted).

Captioning the pics "Out of this 🌎 nails 👽", Diem used a spray technique to create the ombre blue-night-sky effect, detailed with a range of perfectly painted stars. The look was finished with some freaky 3D silver sphere detailing on the thumbs, to tip the set from pretty night sky, to alien chic.

A perfect combo with her striking green contacts from the shoot, which we're still not over.

Diem used Candy Coat gel polish shades ‘Au Naturel N001’ + No 084 + shade ‘Maisie', but if you're looking to recreate with a a traditional polish alternative we'd recommend O.P.I's CIA Colour is Awesome, for a deep teal.

Or Nailberry's Maliblue for a shimmering 90s blue.

Though we can't be much help recreating those perfect stars... that's on you.

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