Killing Eve's Jodie Comer Sings A Mariah Carey Cover In Free Guy

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Photo credit: Mariana Maltoni
Photo credit: Mariana Maltoni

Anyone who's seen Killing Eve knows that Jodie Comer is a woman of many talents.

And in her new movie Free Guy, in which she stars alongside Ryan Reynolds, Jodie gets to show off another of her skills – singing.

Speaking at the film's press conference, director Shawn Levy revealed that Jodie sings a Mariah Carey song in the film... and it was all Ryan's idea.

Photo credit: 20th Century Studios
Photo credit: 20th Century Studios

'Ryan is a maestro of the odd random, but inspired, song idea,' Levy explained. 'He is obsessive about it.

'Early on when we were working on the script, Ryan's like, 'You know what I think should be the anthem of this entire movie and marketing campaign', and he suggested this song by Mariah.

'Little did we know that by the third act of the movie, we'd have a cover of that song by our very own Jodie Comer in the movie.'

Ryan himself went on to explain: "In the earliest draft, we'd written in The Outfield's 'Your Love', and it ended up not fitting right.

Photo credit: 20th Century Studios
Photo credit: 20th Century Studios

'Then Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy' came like a lightning bolt. It's like an engine for so much of the movie, it's really fantastic.'

And Jodie singing Mariah isn't the only treat fans are in for. Star Utkarsh Ambudkar has also teased that Star Wars and Marvel fans are really going to enjoy the film's surprises.

Free Guy is out in cinemas on August 13.

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