Jodie Comer, star of The End We Start From, on her 11 biggest health secrets

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Jodie Comer's 11 top training tips to stay strongJodie Comer - Instagram

Jodie Comer is a force to be reckoned with. From performing her own jaw-dropping stunts in Killing Eve to scooping up Olivier Awards for her one-woman play, Prima Facie, which deals with the knotty interaction between the law and sexual assault, she clearly has no apprehension towards tackling thornier roles. In her latest release,The End We Start From, which hits cinemas on January 19, she plays a new mother, simply called Woman, who has to navigate an environmental catastrophe - flooded London - and flee with her baby.

Filming for the survival film was logistically challenging, as Jodie had to manage water scenes that showed the effect of widespread street flooding and working with 15 different infants ranging from eight weeks old to young toddlers. 'I started this process quite literally terrified,' she told the BBC. It's all in a day's work for her, though, as she undertook similarly physically gruelling efforts as Killing Eve's Villanelle. Sometimes, she only had '20 minutes to figure out a stunt' and 'keep the energy of the scene going', according to entertainment site, Collider - 'Climbing up a drain pipe, I was like, “James Bond, move over!”'

To tackle these scenes, it comes as no surprise that Jodie put in the hours to develop the requisite strength and skill, even going wall-climbing. Here are nine ways she stays fit, ensuring she thrills on screen and the red carpet.

1. She trains with a PT

Jodie has previously trained with Women’s Health Collective expert Alice Liveing, but now works with fitness coach Luke Worthington. Have a gander at his IG and you’ll see he clearly knows his stuff, so it’s hardly surprising that Comer has made some serious gains over the years.

2. She works out at 4am

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Comer shared that when she’s filming, she wakes up at 4am to fit a workout in before shooting starts. We know. ‘If I’m not filming, I’ll definitely take a lie-in, until around 8am,’ she began. ‘If I’m working, I’ll usually get up before I’m filming, which is probably about 4am, and sneak in a workout then.’ Another level of dedication.

3. She swears by Pilates

When she does wake up before the crack of dawn, Pilates is her preference. ‘I do an hour of Pilates in the morning with my trainer,’ she told WSJ. ‘There’s something therapeutic about Pilates, especially getting on a reformer. I’ve never found something that’s changed my body the way that it has. I actually feel very strong.’

Speaking to Vogue, she recalls the revelatory moment she became a Pilates convert: 'I was like, 'Ohhhh, that’s my core!' I’ve done so much weight training and gone to a PT every week, but it wasn’t until I did Pilates that I realised how my body should be moving.' So that’s her secret.

4. She enjoys yoga

In an interview with Net a Porter, she mentioned her love of the practice and working out remotely: 'Claudia Mirallegro has some incredible online classes that you can sign up for and do from the comfort of your own home.'

5.She needs encouragement

Despite her somehow being able to get out of bed at 4am (each to their own), she does need some motivating. ‘I don’t really exercise if I don’t have someone shouting at me,’ she explained to WSJ.

6. She combines strength with mobility

Speaking to Marie Claire, Comer’s trainer Worthington shared that most of the workouts he prescribes to his clients include both mobility and strength, with tri-sets (mini circuits) comprised of one lower body, one upper body and one core exercise.

‘This is fairly typical of the sort of plan I’d put together when we’re training to create quite rapid changes in body composition and create a toned athletic look whilst still maintaining or improving movement ability,’ he explained.

7. She has a makeshift home gym

We’re all for making fitness accessible, and even Comer doesn’t always rely on a gym membership. Back at her family home in Liverpool, she’s created a ‘makeshift gym’. ‘We all make appointments for it – it’s good fun,’ she said to the New York Times. See? Home workouts are totally doable.

8. She uses resistance bands for convenience

Naturally, Comer is always on the go, and while dumbbells and kettlebells aren’t exactly portable, resistance bands have come in handy for her. ‘I use these elastic bands for when I travel,’ she explained in her interview with the New York Times.

9. She foam rolls on the reg

When it’s time for recovery, nothing quite cuts it like a foam roller for Comer. ‘If I just stretch out and roll my back and legs, I feel like it releases so much tension,’ she told NY Times. ‘It’s satisfying to hear all the clicks in your back – it’s like I’m a new woman.’

10. She walks

Walking is also a mainstay in her wellness routine. When she’s not doing any of the above, she told the New York Times it’s all about getting her steps up. Simple.

11. She loves baths for relaxation

Because we all know rest days are important. Jodie's favourite way to unwind and decompress is bathing, she revealed to Vogue. Her ideal set up? 'Piping hot and a good 25 minutes. I love Epsom salts and some essential oils, along with a smelly candle or some incense.' Sounds divine.

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