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Kieran Culkin reveals why he and wife Jazz Charton didn’t give newborn son a name for seven weeks

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Kieran Culkin has revealed why it took him and his wife Jazz Charton seven weeks after the birth of their newborn son to decide on a name.

The Succession star, who welcomed his second child, Wilder Wolf, in August, discussed the delay in naming the baby during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he revealed that the couple struggled to come to an agreement.

“We found [the name] in the hospital the day that he was born and we thought: ‘That’s great but instead of pulling the trigger on it, let’s torture ourselves for about seven weeks disagreeing with names before we come around to the name that we picked,’” Culkin told DeGeneres of the seven-week holdup.

According to the actor, 39, one of the reasons the couple had difficulty picking a name was because they had decided not to find out the baby’s gender before the birth.

However, he acknowledged that he and his wife, who also share two-year-old daughter Kinsey Sioux, had plenty of time to go over name options when it came time to deliver their second child, as Charton had an antibiotic drip put in when she went into labour that required four hours.

According to Culkin, when Charton was crowning, she was told that she could either deliver the baby and stay an extra day at the hospital, or “hold [the baby] in” while she finished her course of antibiotics.

Charton ultimately decided to wait until she’d completed the antibiotic drip, with Culkin revealing that the couple had spent that time in the hospital going over possible baby names.

“She’s in bed and we have a dry erase board and we just went over every name that we had thought of,” the actor recalled, adding that they had focused on girl names and narrowed it down to two names that they liked. “And we agreed that it was going to be one of those two names if it was a girl, and if it’s a boy, we’re screwed. And we had a boy. And spent seven weeks arguing about names.”

During the interview, Culkin noted, however, that his wife wanted “Wolf” and that she had been “fighting hard” for the name.

As for why the couple hadn’t broached the topic of potential baby names prior to Charton going into labour, the actor told DeGeneres that that would have taken some “organisation and planning,” which he said is “not something that either of us do”.

While it took the couple weeks to decide on a name for their second child, the moniker ultimately received praise from DeGeneres, who revealed that she and wife Portia de Rossi would have named their own child Wolf if they had had one.

“I love that name. I like Wolf. If we were going to have a child, we would have named him Wolf,” she revealed, adding: “Instead we got a dog and named it Wolf. It’s a great name.”

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