KFC Twister Wraps Review: They Aren't Snacks, They're Meals

KFC Twister Wraps
KFC Twister Wraps - Michael Palan / Static Media

KFC revamped its chicken tenders in the fall of 2023, as well as pushed forward with a series of snack wraps featuring them and topped with the likes of mac & cheese, slaw, and tangy sauces. In 2024, KFC appears to be doubling down on wraps, and after a decade of hibernating, is resurrecting its Twister wrap and a spicy iteration of it for a trial run this spring. The Twister remains popular in countries like Canada, U.K., and South Africa, and now KFC customers in Nashville, Tennessee, will give it a try and help decide if it stays or goes. KFC CMO Nick Chavez differentiated these new wraps from the previous ones by calling them "a full meal in a wrap, rather than a snack wrap."

While I sadly do not live near Music City and its bevy of KFC outposts, I was lucky enough to try both the new Twister Wrap and the Spicy Twister Wrap a few weeks prior to its test run release on a visit to KFC's HQ. I've been waiting to spill the beans on these wraps ever since I saw how they were lovingly made in KFC's test kitchen with the company's Food Innovation Team, and had a fresh taste of them for myself. This chew and review is based on taste, uniqueness, and overall lovability.

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What Do KFC's Twister Wraps Taste Like?

Twister Wrap in half
Twister Wrap in half - Michael Palan / Static Media

I was able to get a peek in the KFC kitchen at how both versions of the Twister Wrap come together. It starts with a surprisingly large flour tortilla laid out flat, with a peachy-looking mayo sauce neatly squeezed into an elongated "u" shape facing outwards. Pre-shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes are then laid on top of the sauce, and act as a salad to the generously sized chicken tenders that come next. The tortilla is tightly wrapped, and then toasted for 15 seconds. The final product looks like a giant burrito with grill marks, capped with an open end that gives a small idea to the eater what treasures lies inside.

The Twister Wraps are a handful, and they would probably be better served cut into two. Still, I went with what I got, and what I had was an all-around delicious and hearty wrap. The chicken's breading is ultra crispy, and keeps intact the soft and tender meat inside. One tender would have been enough, but I'm certainly not going to complain there were two of them under the hood. While the shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes are most welcome colorful sights to round out this wrap, the real winner is the creamy sauce that juices things up. The standard one has a peppercorn-tinged mayo, and the spicy one has just a slight kick in flavor, but definitely not Nashville hot.

KFC's Twister Wraps Nutritional Information

Twister Wrap on tray
Twister Wrap on tray - Michael Palan / Static Media

Both the Twister Wrap and Spicy Twister Wrap are essentially the same - - starting with two strips of KFC's Original Recipe chicken Tenders, topped with diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and wrapped in a flour tortilla. The regular Twister wrap includes a pepper mayo sauce, while the Spicy version is slathered in a spicy mayo.

The Twister Wrap nets 700 calories, while the Spicy one clocks in at 670 calories.

How To Buy KFC's Twister Wraps

Twister Wrap
Twister Wrap - Michael Palan / Static Media

The new versions of the Twister Wrap and Spicy Twister Wrap are available now, and only in the Nashville, Tennessee, area being used as a test market. They will remain on the menus for an unspecified time at participating locations, while supplies last.

Customers can order the wraps in store at the register, kiosk, or drive-thru, where available. Advance ordering can be placed through KFC's app or website, where deals can be found and rewards can be earned. Delivery may also be an option in certain areas, where additional fees may apply.

The wraps retail for $5.99 each and can be made into a combo for $9.99, which includes a single side and a beverage of your choice. The wraps are found on the menu under the "Wraps," "Special Offers," and "Combos" sections. Each wrap is completely customizable and can have any of its standard issue ingredients removed.

The Final Verdict

The Picnic Twister
The Picnic Twister - Michael Palan / Static Media

The Twisters are basically chicken tender burritos, and seem like they'd be more at home in sister brand Taco Bell's kitchen than KFC's. That's a great sign for KFC, especially since wraps are showing no signs of slowing down as a food trend. Eaters in Nashville should consider themselves lucky, for they are able to get a first taste of these bountiful beauties, before they hopefully unleash more wrap parties to come.

After my overly-satisfying taste test of the Twisters was complete, I was actually invited to make my own wrap creation in KFC's kitchen. Out went the lettuce and tomatoes, and in went coleslaw, biscuit crumbles, corn kernels, endless pickles, and plentiful drizzles of the lovely Georgia Gold sauce currently making the rounds in KFC's new Saucy Nuggets. I dubbed my creation the Picnic Twister, and its merits were actually judged by CMO Chavez and members of the Food Innovation Team. They liked its taste, textures, and commercial potential enough that I actually walked away with my own KFC Twister Innovation Challenge Winner chicken-topped trophy.

This trophy is currently in my left hand, while I type this article with my right hand, but I'd rather both my hands be preoccupied with Twisters at my local KFC. The future of these new menu items seems limitless, especially if customers will be allowed to put their own "twist" on the wrap with whatever ingredients and sauces KFC keeps in its innovative kitchen.

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