KFC Is Coming for Wendy’s With Even More New Nuggets

Things are getting saucy around here.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

We have a serious question: Do fast food execs sleep with one eye open? Because sometimes these new menu launches seem personal.

If it’s not the chicken sandwich wars, then it’s the Snack Wrap wars. If it’s not fighting over who has a better value menu, it’s who has the better value meal. And now, two fast food giants are competing over an unexpected menu item: sauce-covered chicken nuggets.

The same day that Wendy’s new Saucy Nuggs hit menus nationwide, KFC, which launched its Saucy Nuggets in March, clapped back with an all-new sauce option for its menu item. Beginning June 10, KFC will now sell Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggets, alongside two fan favorites, Korean BBQ and Honey Sriracha, for the summer. While both Korean BBQ and Honey Sriracha rolled out in March, alongside the Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold sauces, Honey BBQ is a new addition to the line-up.



KFC Launches New Honey BBQ Saucy Nuggets

Surely, you can guess who else sells Honey BBQ—and even Spicy Honey BBQ—Saucy Nuggs. That’s right, the pigtailed redhead herself.

However, unlike Wendy’s, which crafted a brand new barbecue sauce for its new nuggets, KFC is using its already fan-loved Honey BBQ dipping sauce to coat the chicken nuggets. The new Honey BBQ-tossed nuggets are coated with a “sweet, smoky, and tangy sauce” made from brown sugar, honey, tomato, and secret spices, according to KFC. Of course, when it comes to the chicken chain, the sauce isn’t the only secret, since we know KFC’s nuggets are also made using its top-secret 11 herbs and spices.

“In response to requests from our customers, we’re rolling out our popular Honey BBQ sauce on our nuggets. KFC guests have loved our Saucy Nuggets and we’re excited to continue to introduce new flavors into the mix,” said Nick Chavez, KFC’s chief marketing officer.

KFC’s Honey BBQ, Korean BBQ, and Honey Sriracha Saucy Nuggets are all available now in eight-, 10-, and 12-piece varieties. The pricing between KFC and Wendy’s is pretty similar, so it all comes down to whose chicken nuggets you prefer—or maybe which restaurant has your favorite sauce.

KFC says it’s not done announcing “saucy” news just yet, so it sounds like the Colonel has more Saucy Nugget flavors up his sleeve. But, if the next flavor is Spicy Ghost Pepper, then Wendy's, you might want to check your HQ for a bug.

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