Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist shares the secret behind the star's XL overlined lips

mary phillips shares kendall jenner's overlined lip liner technique
Kendall's MUA shares her overlined lip techniqueGetty Images

If you've ever wondered how Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber achieve their infamous plump pouts (I mean, haven't we all?), then today, you are in luck. Don't mind me, for I predict a new Bratz-doll lip liner trend in the works after getting wind of the technique they use...

In her most recent TikTok post, the pair's makeup artist, Mary Phillips spilled the [piping hot] tea we've all been desperately waiting for. "The lip liner technique I prefer to use! everyone has a different preference and that's ok", she (so rightly!) puts in the caption of her video. Preach, Mary, preach.

So, if you want to make like Kenny in the below pics, then follow along with the incoming tutorial.

Walking us through her step-by-step lip routine, Mary introduces us to her first point of call. "I like to begin in the corners of my mouth and I start right outside the natural lip line", she explains. "But this is where I stay the closest to the actual lip line".

"And just extend it [the lip line] slightly at the very top and at the very bottom of the lower lip", she says while working around the borders of her pout.

As a written caption mid-video, Mary shares that she is using the 'Giorgio Armani lip pencil in 12'. Now, unfortunately for us, this is no longer available but fear not, for in the comments section, Mary suggests a very similar product. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk, £20.

Continuing, Mary recommends to "enhance the cupid's bow following the natural shape of the upper lip" by bringing it up "little bit higher", followed by a touch of concealer to clean up the edges. "I take a soft brush and just smooth it out so that there's no really hard line visible. Then I take a little bit of concealer on a concealer brush and just make sure everything is nice and clean", she says.

To finalise the look, the MUA adds her favourite gloss of choice, which is the SUQQU Flawless Lip Gloss in 02.

And there we have it – the exact lip liner technique used on our fave stars! All we need now is a full-face makeup tutorial and we'll be set for life... hint, hint...

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