Kendall Jenner’s cropped, blunt bob is the biggest hair trend this autumn season

While you may think of Kendall Jenner as the dark brunette model that she is, The Kardashians reality star is no stranger to switching up her look. Just this year, we've seen her sport all different types of makeovers including a *now very on-trend* pumpkin spice hair colour and even bleached blonde 'brows. Just recently though, she's only gone and copied her older sister, Kourtney with her cropped blunt bob. From one younger sister to another, it's the done thing, Kenny.

Within the past few days, Daisy Edgar Jones and Kirsten Dunst have also gone for said hairstyle, with both actors cutting off a significant amount from the lengths of their locks. However, as much as we'd love to believe that Kendall has cut her hair into a short bob, the images shared on her Instagram is 99.999999% the result of a wig or even hair illusion (at this point, your guess is as good as mine). Nevertheless, it is still a complete serve.

Taking to her feed to share the editorial look for the cover of Pop Magazine, Kendall posted a number of pics from the shoot.

Here is the bob style in all its glory:

And for good measure, scroll through the below carousel to see it in a different light:

Side note: Did anyone else spot her rainbow fish highlights in the seventh snap?! Hair envy 2.0.

Oh, and for those intrigued (sorry for the tease), skip to the second image in the below post to see Kendall's scorpion butt tattoo.

Though, the question must be posed: is it real or fake? I mean, whilst we'd like to think it's real, the latter seems more probable.

But back to the bob. We think you should go for the chop, Ken. After all, it is one of this season's biggest hair trends...

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