Kelvin Fletcher and wife Liz surrounded by their children as they share incredible announcement

Kelvin Fletcher and wife Liz often thrills fans with insights into their life on a farm, which they showcased in their hit show, Kelvin's Bog Farming Adventure, and on Friday they shared some incredible news.

Surrounded by their four children, the pair revealed that the series would be returning into the autumn, with a new name and new channel, and we couldn't be more excited! In the announcement, the pair stood in a fenced field with Kelvin and Liz both carrying one of their young twins, Maximus and Mateusz. Meanwhile their other two children were seen with a baby lamb, with Marnie bottle feeding the animal while Milo held it in place.

Sharing the news, Liz posted: "So excited to be BACK with a brand new series. Fletchers Family Farm coming this autumn @itv," finishing the post with a tractor and heart emoji, while Kelvin said: "WE ARE BACK!!! A brand new ITV1 series this Autumn bringing you inside our lives as we celebrate and explore this wonderful farming life! With more animals, more laughs, more mistakes and even more children! This adventure really has only just begun. We can’t wait to share it with you!"

He finished the post with a synopsis of the show, alongside various farm-themed emojis including ones of a tractor, pig, cow, goat and sheep.

Fans were incredibly excited about the news, with one enthusing: "So pleased you're doing another series! Really enjoyed the last one so much I got the book. Such a lovely family," and a second penned: "You and the whole family is made for farming and a good family show. Gosh we need some uplifting shows like this in our life. Can't wait for it."

A family of six, with two young children bottle-feeding a lamb
A family of six, with two young children bottle-feeding a lamb

A third wrote: "Wow can't wait for this one loved the first series brilliant see you in the autumn," while a fourth added: "Whoo hoo love watching you all..fabulous you will be back."

The pair purchased their 120-acre farm in the Peak District back in 2021, and speaking exclusively to HELLO! earlier in the year, they opened up about the challenges they faced as they moved their growing family there.

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Liz explained: "It was something we had no idea what to do. And although Kelvin had been a farmer in Emmerdale for 20 years, he had absolutely no idea what to do with livestock. We've learned from day one, and I saw Kelvin do some stuff in the barn the other day and I actually said, 'I cannot believe how much you've come on."

Two pairs of baby feet
Two pairs of baby feet

Kelvin was equally wowed by how much he's learned, adding: "Every day is a lesson. We had the vet over yesterday because we had a sheep who wasn't very well. I remember he came over last year and I was so overwhelmed. I thought we'd bitten off more than we could chew because just the prospect of tackling that felt so beyond my grasp and it was daunting.

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"But I had a kind of resilience where I just think, 'What I don't know today, I will know tomorrow'. When I realised how much I'd learned, I was just giddy and excited because I could see how far I had come.

"I felt a thirst for more and I was quietly impressed with myself about how far I've come. It's just stepping into the unknown and embracing it and accepting that you're going to be a little bit lost."

Liz Fletcher in denim jacket with baby swaddled on her chest
Liz Fletcher in denim jacket with baby swaddled on her chest

Although the couple have a lot on their hands with their farm and their four children, they haven't ruled out the possibility of welcoming more later down the line.

Speaking to HELLO! on Father's Day last year, Liz mused: "It's weird, you have a baby and say: 'That's it now,' but then you think: 'I could have another one.' Kelvin said it too.

"Kelvin added: "We'll have to take each month as it comes. A lot can change in a year. We moved to the countryside for the quiet life and it's been the absolute opposite! But I wouldn’t have it any other way."

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