Kelly Ripa Is Kelly *Ripped* Doing Intense Pushups In This Workout Video

  • Kelly Ripa, 53, showed off her strength while doing pushups in a new workout video.

  • The LIVE With Kelly and Mark host also hinted that the training sesh was part of a future episode.

  • Kelly was working out with her longtime trainer and friend Anna Kaiser.

It’s no secret that Kelly Ripa is "Kelly Ripped" (pun intended). The LIVE With Kelly and Mark host regularly shares behind-the-scenes snippets of her workouts with fans, so she's no stranger to showing off her strength. And her latest Instagram video is no exception—in fact, it’s super inspiring.

The 53-year-old re-posted shots from her workout with her longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser, to her Instagram Stories. The first clip shows Kelly and Anna sharing a laugh while hanging out in workout gear as people film them, with a teaser that whatever they're working on is for an upcoming Live with Kelly and Mark episode.

In the next, Kelly does textbook-perfect pushups with her arms on a box. “Form + function,” Kaiser wrote over top, along with the message, “Spoiler alert: She’s strong AF.”

After that, there's a video of Kelly talking with Kaiser, next to the message from Kelly: “14 years together and still learning new things.”

Kelly followed that up with a photo of herself taken from behind in Kaiser’s studio, looking toned all over. Her arms, shoulders, back, legs, booty are all super sculpted. And that's no happy accident—Kelly noted that she’s in Kaiser’s studio “six days a week.”

In the final shot, Kelly can be seen doing a leg lift while hanging out on all fours—and her jacked abs are clearly visible.

Kelly has been a devoted follower of Kaiser’s workouts for more than a decade (14 years!)—and she often shares her love for their sweat seshes on social media. At the end of 2022, she even shared a montage of her workouts from the past year, noting that she “danced my way through 2022.”

Kaiser has also repeatedly given Kelly props in public, pointing to her impressive work ethic. According to Kaiser, Kelly “never cancels” on their workouts, despite her super busy schedule:

[instagram align='center' id='CfFO-G9joRX'][/instagram]

Of course, Kelly eats healthy, too. She follows an alkaline diet, which means she focuses on low-acid foods like vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and fruits that are low in sugar. The vast majority of her diet is plant-based, her nutritionist, Daryl Gioffre, previously told Women’s Health. "Once in a while she will have an animal protein, like a wild-caught fish, but it's always the best quality,” he added.

But Kelly isn’t overly strict with what she eats. She’s made repeated references to her love of carbs, saying on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2020 that she’s on an “all-carbohydrate diet.”

Can’t wait to see this "strong AF" episode!

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