Keir Starmer's teenage children have one demand if they are to move into Downing Street

Keir Starmer
-Credit: (Image: PA)

It isn’t long before the country goes to the polls to decide who will be the next Prime Minister, and Sir Keir Starmer’s teenage children have made sure their dad knows their one demand should Labour win the election and the family join him to live at the official residence in Downing Street.

On ITV’s This Morning, Sir Keir admitted that his children were worried about moving to the famous address and they have one request to make the transition easier – they want to get a dog.

“They are worried, if I’m honest,” he said about the potential move. “They are worried about it, because, I think any parent would understand this, if you are a teenage child you don’t want things to change.”

Keir Starmer and Victoria
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, with his wife Victoria -Credit:PA

“You’ve got things set up at home exactly as you want them, you’ve got your friends, you’ve got your routines and you’ve got your first little bits of independence, what you do after school.”

He continued: “As long as they are happy, as long as they are confident, then I’m smiling and that guides us in the decisions we make for them. But I wouldn’t be straight for them if I didn’t say I’m worried about the impact and, inside, I think they are.”

Sir Keir and wife Lady Victoria have kept their 13 year old daughter and 15 year old son out of the public eye so far, never naming them in public and making sure there are no photographs of them in an effort to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Keir and Victoria Starmer
Keir and Victoria at Taylor Swift's concert -Credit:Instagram/keirstarmer

That, of course, would change should Sir Keir win the election, as he confirmed that the whole family would live together in Downing Street, and added that his kids would “ramp up their campaign” for a family dog should they face such a massive change to their lives.

Keir, 61, has been married to Victoria since 2007. A former solicitor, Lady Starmer works in NHS occupational health in London and is also a governor at their children’s school. The family currently live in Camden, around three miles from the iconic 10 Downing Street residence that is walking distance to the Houses of Parliament.

10 Downing Street would certainly be a change from Keir’s current family home. The official residence and office of the Prime Minister is over 300 years old and has around 100 rooms. The private residence where Keir and his family would live is on the third floor (the other floors contain offices, meeting rooms and reception rooms) and also has use of a courtyard, terrace and garden.