Keila Shaheen Talks New Edition of Bestselling “Shadow Work Journal”: ‘It’s All About Coming Back to Yourself’ (Exclusive)

The second edition of Shaheen’s TikTok sensation ‘The Shadow Work Journal’ includes exercises from therapists

<p>Samir Ammari; Courtesy of Primero Sueño Press/Atria Books</p> Keila Shaheen and the new edition of

Samir Ammari; Courtesy of Primero Sueño Press/Atria Books

Keila Shaheen and the new edition of 'The Shadow Work Journal'

Keila Shaheen has more to say about shadow work.

The bestselling author of TikTok hit The Shadow Work Journal, and creator of mental health app Zenfulnote, has a new edition of her book on shelves. A new, expanded version of The Shadow Work Journal was published by Atria/Primero Sueño Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, on April 23.

The Shadow Work Journal
, inspired by the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung, is a collection of exercises, prompts and activities that, as author explains, can help readers get in touch with repressed parts of their psyches. The topic has always been an interest of Shaheen’s, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and marketing from Texas A&M University.

“Psychology has always been a big pique of interest for me,” she tells PEOPLE. “When I came across shadow work and Jungian psychology, I delved into all of the different topics. Shadow work stood out to me because I've always been interested in all of the different personality types and getting to know people as how they function and operate.”

<p>Courtesy of Primero Sueño Press/Atria Books</p> 'The Shadow Work Journal' by Keila Shaheen

Courtesy of Primero Sueño Press/Atria Books

'The Shadow Work Journal' by Keila Shaheen

Shaheen originally self-published the first edition of The Shadow Work Journal, which went viral on TikTok and has now sold over 1 million copies. The author says that shadow work has remained a focus for her and that it has helped her to understand herself better, as well.

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“It's all about coming back to yourself and reacquainting with who you are and what those different parts of you are,” she says.

Shadow work can be an intimidating exercise, as the process can involve uncovering difficult and traumatic experiences. Shaheen, who is not a licensed therapist, recommends doing shadow work alongside professional help.

“I encourage people, if it's accessible to them, to do this with a therapist,” she says. The expanded version of the journal also includes exercises and tips curated by therapists.

<p>Samir Ammari</p> Keila Shaheen

Samir Ammari

Keila Shaheen

Shaheen has more projects in the works, including a nonfiction book called The Book of Shadow Work. The new volume will incorporate insight from experts, analysts and journalers from the Shadow Work community to “share the history and the background of shadow work in different cultures.”

Throughout this debut project, Shaheen says that hearing stories from people who have used The Shadow Work Journal has been a rewarding experience.

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“Hearing things like that brings me joy and purpose,” she says.

The expanded edition of The Shadow Work Journal is available now, wherever books are sold.

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