People share inventive ways to keep cool during a heatwave

Trying to work in a heatwave is not the best feeling ever. (Getty Images)
Trying to work in a heatwave is not the best feeling ever. (Getty Images)

With millions of people in the UK still working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, now doesn’t seem like a great time for a heatwave.

Our houses are not set up with air conditioning systems and marble floors and instead we’re forced to sweat it out with hot laptops balanced on our laps.

Thanks to the wonders of social media, though, people have been coming up with rather inventive ways to stay cool during the heatwave.

We’re listening.

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One of the more creative solutions saw one family removing the top of their trampoline and replacing it with waterproof lining. They then filled it, making it into a massive swimming pool.

Quick, time to usher the children off the trampoline.

If, like many of us, sleeping is something that alludes you during a heatwave, one TikTok user professes to have the answer to this.

The savvy woman attached her bedsheets to her fan so that the air floated through her bed as she was laying in it. While we don’t recommend falling asleep like that, giving your bed a bit of air before you go to sleep might be just what you needed to fall into a deep slumber.

With paddling pools and precariously placed fans topping people’s heatwave hacks, there were a number of more practical tips to help get us by, too.

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Dr Mike Farquhar, a sleep consultant, shared his top tip on Twitter for a better night’s sleep, but it’s something that can be easily included in any part of your day.

“Get those big bottles of water to stick in front of your fans tonight in the freezer now,” he reminded people on Twitter.

Putting cold water in front of your fan helps to give the air a more air conditioning like quality, rather than the warm, regurgitated air fans usually offer during a heatwave.

There has also been a lot of tips floating around for our friends in the wildlife, who may find it a little harder than us to get access to cold water.

“If you do one thing for foxes and wildlife today, please put out fresh drinking water. It is a lifeline during a heatwave but appreciated all year round,” a fox protection Twitter account shared.

While you’re filling up your bigger bowls, it might be worth considering keeping any bird bowls or dishes topped up with cold, fresh water during the day, too.

And if you’re looking for an instant cool-down - we’re talking two minutes maximum - you might want to try one yoga teacher’s Instagram tip.

She recommends using ice on the pulse points of your body for “instant cool”.

“Get a glass filled with ice-cubes. Roll ice along pulse points i.e inner wrists, side and back of neck, inner elbows and back of knees for refreshing instant cool.”

At this point, we’ll try anything.