Katy Perry’s winged eyeliner makeup trick is super easy to achieve

If there's one thing I love most in this world (bar Quorn chicken nuggets), it's a makeup hack, tip or trick – any will suffice, TBH. And today, we've been granted a good 'un courtesy of the pop star herself, Katy Perry. Spoiler: It's so good that you'll never (again) feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind... soz.

In an Instagram post shared by Katy's go-to MUA, Ash K Holm, we can see the singer's final makeup look that the pair created to wrap up the 2022 year. Now, as much as we love the bold 'brow and creamy nude lip – not to mention the thick, wavy locks created by her hairstylist, Rick Henry – our fave part of the glam has to be Katy's smoky winged eye. After all, it's suuuuper easy to achieve.

Captioning her pics, Ash coins the glam "Rhinestone CowGirl" and TBH, it really is giving Barbie-meets-western realness.

OK, so, what's the deal? Well, when it comes to creating a winged liner look, most people (myself included) turn to a liquid or gel pen-like formula. However, in my personal experience, I find by using these, the liner can be quite difficult to refine. Alas, that's where the shadow and pencils come in... Stay with me, folks.

With makeup, the general rule is to have fun. I mean, nothing is permanent and can be blended, corrected or wiped away in a matter of seconds. And what products are easy enough to blend? Why, eyeshadows ofc!

A TikTok video shared by content creator, Michelle K Doria went viral last year where she walked us through a tutorial on how to achieve a very similar look to Katy's. You, too, can watch and follow along below:

Simple, right?!

Our favourite palette ATM (and one that also won a Cosmo UK Winter Beauty Award!) is the Pat McGrath Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction palette, £115. It's perfect for a quick blended-eye look that demands attention.

Now, IDK about you but I'm off to recreate my very own rhinestone cowgirl lewk. Cya! Or should I say yeehaw?!

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