Katy Perry Travels Back in Time With a 60s Bouffant Updo and Side-Swept Bangs

katy perry 60s bouffant hair and side swept bangs
Katy Perry’s 60s Bangs Are So Sophia Loren-CodedEric McCandless - Getty Images

Late last year, Katy Perry fronted a new Dolce & Gabbana campaign, celebrating their latest perfume launch, Devotion. Just short of a few months later (aka now), the collaborative team have released a brand new promotional image of the superstar honoring "the smell of LOVE" for Valentine's Day. And boy do we have thoughts on the glam beauty look worn.

Sharing the pic on Instagram, Katy is shown to be caressing a giant bottle of the fragrance, and as delicious as the rosé colored scent looks (it is a gourmand, after all), we cannot stop staring at Katy's vintage hairstyle.

As shown below, the singer's long raven locks have been gathered to the crown of her head, making for a 60s bouffant updo. The ends of her hair have been curled into tight tendrils that fall effortlessly around her face while her eye-grazing bangs have been swept to the side.

Doesn't she look Old Hollywood gorgeous? It's giving the allure and glamour of Sophia Loren circa 1964.

Making for a 360 beauty moment, this hair look has been paired with a soft blush glam comprising flawless skin, a cool-toned rosy cheek, and a subtly overlined nude lip. Voluminous lash extensions make for a bold eye look, though, not one to distract from the star of the show, Katy's updo.

All in all, 'tis a *chef's kiss*.

Oh, and one last thing – Katy, *clears throat in professional telephone voice* can you please spell 'Gabbana'?

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