Katy Perry, Kesha and Eminem called out for using Jeffrey Dahmer references in songs

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Katy Perry, Kesha and Eminem have been called out online for including references to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in their songs, following the release of Netflix's Monster Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the dramatisation of the life and crimes of the serial killer.

The release of the 10-part series has got everyone online digging into Dahmer's past, including how he died and where his victim's families are now. The series has also sparked a resurgent interest into past pop-culture references to Dahmer, who was responsible for the murders of 17 men and boys, many of whom were Black, Asian and Latino.

People on Twitter have been looking back at Katy Perry, Eminem and Kesha's songs from the early 2010s which include references to Dahmer.

Photo credit: RB/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: RB/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

In Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' featuring rapper Juicy J, Dahmer's name is included in one of the lyrics. Juicy J sings: "She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer".

The inclusion of Dahmer's name in the 2013 song has caused backlash from fans online who want Katy Perry to apologise for the lyric.

One said: "Why isn’t anyone calling out Katy Perry for allowing such a vile & terrible lyric to be included in one of her hit songs? Jeffrey was a notorious serial killer & Katy CHOSE to romanticise his criminal & inhumane actions. I actually feel sick to my stomach. She NEEDS to apologise."

Kesha's song 'Cannibal' from 2010, also includes a lyric in reference to Dahmer which goes: "Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner, yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer."

And Eminem has included references to Dahmer in three of his songs. He includes the lyric "Cause I'd probably be Dahmer" in his 2013 song 'Brainless'. He also made references to Dahmer in the 2009 songs 'Must Be The Ganja' and 'Bagpipes From Bagdad'.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

On Twitter there is a mixed reaction to the use of Dahmer's name in many songs, with some people surprised others are only now just realising these songs included the references.

One person said: "I'm so confused at the people who are just now realising the lyrics of all these songs referencing Jeffery Dahmer???" And another was surprised at how many songs include references to the serial killer.

So far none of the artists have commented on the use of Dahmer in their songs.

Monster Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is currently in the number one spot on Netflix and has faced backlash online with many people arguing it glorifies Dahmer's crimes.

We have contacted Katy Perry, Kesha, and Eminem's reps for comment.

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