Katy Perry Just Switched Up Her Black Hair For An Icy Blonde Updo

katy perry on red carpet with black updo
PSA: Katy Perry Is Blonde Again Steve Granitz - Getty Images

Katy Perry fooled us all last week with her shaggy wolf chop, which she shortly revealed was in fact a very believable wig. Now, this latest hair transformation is a little less authentic but about twice as drastic. The singer and judge just popped up on our feeds completely blonde and we had to do a double take.

Donning a full-blown Disney dream dress as the beloved Cinderella, her go-to hairstylist Rick Henry more than delivered on the 'do to match.

The blonde tresses were piled upon her head into a statuesque beehive with so many loops and swirls, that she looked like she could be in the window of a French Patisserie. It's giving Disney, it's giving Toddlers and Tiaras, it's giving extravagance.

The dense full fringe frames her doll-like makeup by MUA Micheal Anthony, with fluttering lashes and a princess pink lip. It's making us seriously want to play dress up.

We weren't the only ones that did a double take, with one fan commenting: 'I was like "Wow this cosplayer looks like Katy Perry" and then I realised oh that is Katy Perry'.

The spectacular 'fit melted from Cinderella's house dress into her ballgown just like magic, and the mastermind fairy godmother behind the costume was Nephi Garcia (@designerdaddy) who popped up in the comments to say 'Ah!! thank you for the opportunity to make you a magic dress!!!! 🥰🥹'.

No, thank you, Nephi. What a glorious moment

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