Katie Price 'plans for sixth baby' as she's 'running out of time' with JJ Slater

Katie Price is reportedly planning to have a baby with her new boyfriend JJ Slater just two months after going public with their relationship, according to sources.

The former glamour model, 45, is already a mum to five children; Harvey, 21, Junior, 18, Princess, 16, Jett, 10, and Bunny, nine. But it appears she is still looking to add to the brood with Married At First Sight star JJ.

"She's happy and she has always said she wants even more children so that's what she's aiming for. She knows she doesn't have much time if she wants to try," a source told The Sun.

Adding that she doesn't want to waste any time, the insider claimed that Katie's already sure her new beau will be a doting dad. They continued: "Katie has always fallen pregnant quite easily in the past, but now she is older, she worried it might not happen as quickly, so she doesn't want to wait until it's too late.

"Katie knows some people will think it's too soon with JJ but she doesn't care what other people think she's confident in their relationship and thinks he'd be a great dad. Katie desperately wants another baby. JJ is young and fit and, despite his age, he's up for it and wants to be a dad."

Last year, the mother-of-five parted ways with her ex Carl Woods after an on-and-off relationship that lasted over two years. During their time together, Katie opened up about their heartbreaking failed IVF attempt.

And in a recent episode of Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers podcast, Katie admitted she still has hopes for another baby. When asked by the RuPaul's Drag Race judge: "Are you done having babies?" Katie responded: "No, are you joking? I tried IVF last year and it failed so I'm going to try again, try again."

Katie and JJ, 31, made their relationship official in February when she posted a cosy picture of them together on Instagram, shocking fans with the unlikely connection She captioned the post: "They say things happen for a reason, the unexpected happened here. Fate. Ticks every box. @johnjoeslater you have proved to me you are a real gentleman and completely accept me for me [heart emoji]. "

Whilst assuring she is not with child, Katie recently revealed she is experiencing symptoms similar to pregnancy due to ongoing health issues that have caused bloating and memory problems.

Discussing her concerns on her podcast, The Katie Price Show, she recalled talking through the issues with her therapist, Katie shared: "I said [to the therapist] 'My belly is really bloated, I can't get my bloated-ness down'. I didn't know that is a sign of anxiety and stress - it can affect your digestive system."

She also expressed worries about her memory, adding: "I don't know if I'm getting Alzheimer's or Dementia. I asked him, can I get it at my age?"

Continuing to detail the therapist's response, Katie shared: "He said, 'No you haven't, it's just stress', at the minute I'm really forgetful, I'm bloated... It's driving me nuts that I'm like that. Even people I see every day I'm like, 'Do you know what? I've just forgotten your name'. And no I'm not pregnant! Sometimes when you're pregnant your memory plays up."