Katie Holmes, 44, drops jaws in a sultry red dress

<span class="caption">Katie Holmes, 44, drops jaws in sultry red dress</span>
Katie Holmes, 44, drops jaws in sultry red dress

Folks, Katie Holmes is looking incredible.

Back in September 2018, the former Dawson's Creek star had everyone's jaws on the floor when she strutted New York City's streets in a red cocktail dress. Take a look:

katie holmes outfit red off the shoulder dress
Gotham - Getty Images
katie holmes out red off the shoulder dress
ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

When photos from the event eventually circulated on Instagram, fans couldn't get enough of the Batman Begins actress' not-so-subtle nod to old Hollywood. Without skipping a beat, lots of folks immediately began commenting on the look.

'Very beautiful ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘,' one person wrote. 'Stunning!!! ❤️ her style,' another added. 'Gorgeous,' a different follower replied.

No matter what Katie decides to wear to a red carpet event, she always looks super strong. She proved this theory again four years later, when she showed up to the 2022 CFDA Awards in a sleeveless crystal dress that looked like she wore nothing underneath.

cfda fashion awards arrivals
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

And again at Paris Fashion Week in October.

chloe front row paris fashion week womenswear springsummer 2023
Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

Katie is passionate about her workout routine, and she likes to switch it up to keep things interesting. 'Variety is key, or I get bored,' she explained. She exercises four times a week, boxing, spinning, dancing and relaxing with yoga, Body and Soul reported.

'I got into boxing a couple of years ago, and now I take classes at Rumble,' she said. 'It targets your upper body, which is good because I can forget to do that.' Well, that explains those killer arm muscles! Plus, 'They play great music, and it’s so fun.'

For the early mornings, Katie hops on her bike to knock out a workout before her busy day. 'I have my own spin bike, so I can do it at home when I have to get up really early,' she told Shape.

Oh, and Katie enjoys the occasional mother-daughter sweat sesh with 16-year-old daughter Suri Cruise: 'Sometimes I work out with my daughter. It just depends on the day. We have our routines, and occasionally they overlap. But I don't force her to work out with me because I know that's lame,' she told the outlet. She's definitely a ~cool~ mom.

All in all, Katie has a very holistic, healthy approach to her fitness routine. She works a variety of muscles through the diversity of her routine and uses exercise as an outlet for whatever may be interrupting her path to success: 'Working out gets me ready for what's ahead and releases whatever frustrations I might have. Afterward I'm like, "OK, now I can focus on what's right in front of me,"' she told Shape.

Her approach to food is similarly relaxed and refreshing. Katie doesn't deny herself any delicious treats. In fact, her favourite food is nachos, 'and sometimes a good hot fudge sundae goes a long way,' she explained.

She has a balanced approach to her eating. 'If there's junk food, I have it and then just eat healthier the next day.' She made very clear that she focuses 'on putting nutritious things into [her] body, but [she] don't obsess over it,' according to Shape.

Well, Katie, you look fabulous!

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