Kathryn Hahn applies to have her kids' names changed

Kathryn Hahn is planning to change her kids' names credit:Bang Showbiz
Kathryn Hahn is planning to change her kids' names credit:Bang Showbiz

Kathryn Hahn and her husband Ethan Sandler have gone to court to change their children's names.

The 'Bad Moms' star and her actor husband have filed documents at a court in California in a bid to add their mother's last name as a second middle name for their 16-year-old son Leonard and their 13-year-old daughter Mae, according to

The website reports the couple filed a petition at a Los Angeles court last week and it would change their son's name to Leonard Henry Hahn Sandler and their daughter would be known as Mae Marie Hahn Sandler.

No reason was given for the requested change.

The 49-year-old actress married her 'Crossing Jordan' co-star Sandler in 2002 and she's previously revealed she prefers to keep the couple's kids out of the spotlight.

Speaking in a 2018 interview with Parade magazine, Kathryn explained the family is very down-to-earth and she likes to keep their life private by staying away from social media.

She explained: "I live a pretty normal life. I have cute kids and a hubby forever and two dogs and a rabbit and now a hamster. We’re turning into animal hoarders. So I have this rich and creative life but also a normal life, and I’ve been able to keep the two separate and holy. I don’t do social media either. I invited my daughter to the 'Hotel Transylvania 3' premiere over the summer. We had a ball, and it was a really sweet movie but I think that was the first and last time we do that."